Monday, March 28, 2016

about oil

What kind of oil do you use for cooking? olive oil? sesame oil? or canola oil?
I think here in Japan canola oil is very popular to fry, or deep-fry. And probably for dressing many people use olive oil or grape seed oil. And adding taste, we use sesame oil. --- though these are my opinions.
Coincidently I know the spring edible yellow flower "nano hana" is coleseed blossoms.  It's a different from canola-seed blossoms.
I didn't know it.
Canola-oil seems to contain less erucic acid and glucosinolates because of using genetically modified seeds.
Original coleseeds are the same plant group of canola seeds.
Coleseeds  essentially seem to contain less them, but expensive. It costs twice as much as Canola-oil.

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