Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I don't come up with anything!

Last week I finished all lesson in fiscal 2015.
We celebrated earlier Easter
with making deviled eggs,

with making colorful eggs,
And I also finished rearranged the entrance for April.

According to my schedule, I was going to be organizing the lesson room for 5 days.
So I took off at lesson for one week.
Now it's Wednesday. It's in the midst of my holiday.
I've already done all jobs.

So I have no plan this afternoon and tomorrow.
Anyway I have to the library to have a meeting at 5.
And today the final episode of my favorite dram goes on. I usually record the series of drama and on Sundays I watch it. However today I watch the final directly. It sounds fun.

Tomorrow -- I might go out to see a movie alone. It's not so bad.
Anyway I'll enjoy my "empty" day.
It's time to go out to the library.

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