Thursday, April 07, 2016

A usual day 0407

Today finally I'm spending a usual day.
Last Sunday I attended Toastmaster's area contest as one of organizers.
And last Tuesday I held one-day English picture library at home.
Though both of events were fun, they made me tired.
I respect teachers, because after they organized school concerts, one day school excursion, or sports day, they do usual lessons at school on the next day.
Anyway after one day lazy day, I'm spending a usual day.
I did usual morning house chores, studied English a little, and went to a gym for one-hour workout (including stretching).
And I cooked this lunch.
Now it's 13:41.
I'll study English again (writing this blog in English is included ), and 30 minute practicing the piano (next Tuesday is the day of a pianist), --- and probably I'll take 30 minute nap.
around 5:15 high school students will come in turn. My work will finish at around 9:45.
I'm enjoying a usual calm day.

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