Tuesday, April 19, 2016


As you know, our main food is rice.
And, as you know (probably) it's a popular word "obentou".

When kids go on a excursion, their mothers make Obentou for them.
Though there is a cafeteria I. Some high school, many high school students take Obentou to school for their lunch.

When my daughters were in the junior high school, and high school , I always used to make two Obentou.

Some wives make Obentou for their husbands to keep the husbands'helathnin good shape, or to save money,
Some ladies make Obentou.

And when we travel on train, buying local Obentou at a station , which is called Ekiben , is one of  pleasures of travel.

Well well , here Utsunimiya station is one of stations where bulletin tratin runs. So there are some minds of Ekiben. Tochigi is famous form tochigi-meat, rice, and -----

Yesterday, I went to Oyama (not Tokyo) to attend a meeting. I need to take Obentou   So I decided to buy Ekiben at Utsunomiya station. I hardly have an opportunity to but Ekiben at Utsunomiya staion.

So I did it.
I could buy Ayu meshi which is sold just three box a day.

Ayu is a fish living in "clear" water, and it is famous in Tochigi where the have lots of clean rivers.


Rosa said...

Looks delicious! Did you enjoy it?

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments. Some foreigners dislike cooked fish with eyes, I think.
Do you like fish?