Tuesday, April 05, 2016

One day libray of English picuter books

Now I've opened the entrance door, it is the day of "one day library of English picture books".
I'll serve visitors Turkish coffee and Turkish sweets which were sent from my Turkish friend.
Before serving visitors, Yuki and my breakfast was started with Turkish coffee.
It didn't have enough bubbles. -- no problem, it's a practice.

This is kids' corner.

This is for studying corner,

Though I posted broachers to my neighborhood, I didn't any reaction like a call. It doesn't matter.
For me doing this event is meaningful. Why I do such a thing? I'm asking to my self. To get profit??? of course if I got some profit, I would be happy. To make a cozier community???? probably yes.
Without driving I want to have a place to communicate with others and get some cultural things at a reasonable cost. ---  I don't know how much is a reasonable cost.

I don't know how many people come. However to prepare this event, I was able to contact with some new people, so this event has already succeeded.
Today, I'm just sitting lazily without doing things.


Rosa said...

I hope your one day library will be a success!

Mieko said...

Rosa, thanks. I'll update my blog.