Sunday, April 17, 2016


This weekend, I did a weekly chore of "throwing 15 things away".
This time the follow thing is included.
The local newspaper branch collect some items and sent them into Myanmar.
They collect T-shirts, shoes, succor balls, notebooks, pencils, and erasers.

I have hold ( a little bit expensive) B-pencils. My students and I often use pencils, but we use HB pencils, ( it means No.2 pencils.) So I decided to donate them.
I have hold fancy erasers, they are too fancy to be used. --- So I decided to donate them.

In the morning I'm going to the branch to take them.

I also did a weekly pre-cooking.

My house chores are finished.
Today I'm going to the newspaper branch and the library --- I'll spend a calm day to keep my power. Because next Monday and Tuesday I'll be almost out all day.


Marta Goebel said...

You are such a hard worker- always busy with something and doing creative things! I am sure they will appreciate your donation. :)

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, Marta. I hope I do sotmething little to other people.

Well,we'll, I'm not so busy., however, I love doing creative things.