Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Now, it's already in the middle of this week.
This Sunday, Yuki and I went downtown again.
This time our citizen orchestra held their regular concert which is hold twice a year.
There are probably three citizen orchestra in our town.
For us it was the first time to listen to their performing.

By the time the concert started, the hall had been filled. The fee was 1000yen per person.
It was not so high,  in fact  the concert was wonderful than we expected.
On the day there were many events downtown.
We dropped by "cocktail festival".

Each glass, dish was 500 yen. Not so bad.
And a band Yuki's friend joins in played their performance.
Unfortunately  I get drunk easily, so while Yuki was listing to the live concert, I took a rest at a café drinking coffee and cake.

Then we went back by bus. ( Of course we went there by bus.)
Concert tickets cost 2000 yen,
cocktail festival cost 2500 yen.
my coffee& cake cost 390 yen.
And bus fair was 1000 yen.
Not so bad.

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