Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I made Peach cobbler

Yesterday, I made "peach cobbler". Than I thought, it was easy.
And than I thought, fresh peaches which are now in the season were expensive , so I used canned peaches.

While it was being baked in the oven, I tried to make espresso coffee by this gadget.
Do you remember? I "still now" continue to dispose 15 things a week. And last week I tried to dispose it. However before I did it, I checked its price. This gadget came from my daughter's house. It was almost disposed. -- Yuki showed the interest to it and we took it our home. However we hadn't used it.
It costs more than 15000 yen. We thought "mottainai" (wasteful) if we disposed it without using it.
However we didn't have suitable coffee. So I bought coffee on the Net. It costs 900 yen.

Perfect cream.

Perfect peach cobbler.
In the nick of time a friend dropped by my house, so I served quarter of it.
And I took another quarter of it to my next-door neighbor.
And the other was eaten for our breakfast  and my tea-time snack.

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