Tuesday, July 26, 2016


This weekend Yuki, my mother who is 82 years old, and I made  a two-day went to KOUYA-san.
Have you ever heard of KOUYA-san? It is one of the world heritage sights in Japan.
My mother had wanted to go there for a long time, and I finally decided to take her there because coincidently yesterday Yuki was going to take a planned day-off..
From Tokyo (We went to Tokyo by Shinkansen, it takes about one hour) to Kouya-san, we had to change trains three times including a cable car, and takes bus to the center of Kouya-san, We took the Shinkansen leaving at 9:30 and got Kouya-san at around 2:00.
Yuki and I thought "she made it".
My mother and I made HAIKU (the shortest poems) at some places.
On a Strip f paper , everyone writes one verse, at KOBO-TAISHI's  home town
Green breeze,  invites us, to visit and pray at Mt. Kouya

At Btsudan,    KOUYA-maki (kind of black pine) is dedicated  to KOBO-TAISSHI,  with pray

NANKOUBAI (very big pickled Japanese plum) , served to finish up,  with morning devotions
(We stayed at a temple, and before breakfast we had to attend morning devotions from 6:15 to 7:15, then we had breakfast.)

Stone pagodas  covered with green moss, share the history, lead to OKUNO-IN

Kongoubuji temple,  s keeps the customs, bridges time Now and Past

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