Monday, August 01, 2016


Suddenly it has gotten hot, hasn't it?
Yesterday (Sunday) we went to NIKKO to escape that heat.
At Nikkou it was 23 degrees Celsius, probably in Utsunomiya it was over 35 degrees Celsius.
We visited British embassy villa and Italian embassy villa memorial park which has started to open since this spring after they were renovated.
This is the Italian embassy villa.
We visited there about 8 years ago. At that time it wasn't open the inside, and the outside was very old. The reason why we visited there, this villa was designed by Antonin Raymond who was a very famous architect.
And -- my younger daughter needed to sketch this architecture to pass the entrance examination to the college. She passed it, enrolled in, graduated, and this winter she got the license of second-class architect. 8 years passed since we visited there for the first time. of course this time there were two of us -- Yuki and me. At that time there were three of us -- Yuki, M, and me.
If we visit again, probably there will be four Yuki, M, me -- and AKARI. (or five including our son in-law).

And we also visited British embassy villa. there we had scones and tea which are cooked with the same reship and served with the same tea leaves used by current British embassy in Japan.

From there we see beautiful and calm "cyuzenji" lake.

The scone set is a little bit expensive, but the entering fee is really inexpensive.  It is 300 yen an adult.

Around this Cyuzenki-lake area, seeing KEGON-fall is very famous, but it's a little bit expensive.
So if you visit Nikko for the second or third time, I recommend to visit here.

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