Monday, August 29, 2016

Tomomi's exhibhition was a sucess

Tomomi's exhibition was a success.
Because of the place which is near to the station, and is along a street, many people could drop by casually. So a person bought one of her work. ( It means he is not our acquaintance). And two of her works are dealt as  commercial work at the gallery.
And she got an invitation to an exhibition at Tsukuba.

 Of course Yuki and I are very happy that some of works were sold.
However what made us most relieved was --- that
this time she carried in and out their work by herself -- it means she rent a car and drove to and from by herself.
For exhibitions before, the work were too big to carry in and out by herself.  So she hired a porter. Of course it is expensive. This time she did it by herself.
You might sound strange.
Actually she got a driver license, but she doesn't drive so often. From our view she doesn't get used to drive yet.
When she comes here, we make? get ? her drive. I know sometimes she rent a car in Tokyo.
However this time she had to go to Ginza where is in the middle of Tokyo.
So we were really worried.  We were going to go to Tokyo by car, and let her drive our car --- but "we know" she needs more experience.

I know she is becoming 29 in winter, However she is still a child.

Additionally our younger daughter M has also a driver's license. When she got the license for the first time, she would come here and drive. At that time, probably she drove better than Tomomi.
However since her husband appeared in front of her, she has not driven for more than three years, because he can drive.
When she comes back here, she seems to want to drive, but Aakari is always with us, to we don't let her to drive. I know we are really grand parents.

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