Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I found IT !!!!

It's raining. Today I go to Karaku to play the piano. I hope some audience will come even though it's raining.
Well, well, these photos were taken on the way to the private library.
On the way we dropped a café.
We were really surprised to hear that in a mountain there is a café run by a young couple.

Yes, there is a café near the river.
And a young couple runs it.
And --- there are some young customers who seem to come from the down town like us, however there are some old people who live in this area.
The care is open on the weekends, so I don't know how they manage their life.
However it's a really modern café in a village.
And on the way I found it.
what is "it".
A big pumpkin.

A farmers group make huge pumpkins as leisure. It's not a good.
So I "got " it for free.
And I bought dry Umeboshi".

This year I'll carve with elementary school students.
However --- most students don't like to touch inside of pumpkin, because they say "it's like mud".
Babies or small kids like playing with mud, however children who are more than 9 years old don't like it  especially for girls.


Rosa said...

That's an awesome pumpkin! I hate touching the insides, too. They're slimy and gross. But sometimes I wash off the seeds, add salt, and roast them in the oven. That's a tasty treat.

Mieko said...

Oh, you don't like it either. Probably many adults don't like to do it. However -- for kids ---
These days kids seem to become more sensitive and prefer cleanliness.
Additionally, of course I won't touch inside.