Monday, September 19, 2016

"Yu" . Hot bath

"Yu" means, hot water and sometimes hot bath.
How's your condition?
Because --- this weather brought me neck and shoulder pain to me.
Probably, it's a usual thing.
I don't remember exactly when I started suffering this pain --- probably about ten years ago.
Anyway it started suddenly.
I was teaching and writing something on the board, and I turned back to my students, then I felt a strong pain on the back. And it got difficult to turn my neck.
Of course I went to, no I couldn't drive, so Yuki took me to a orthopedics.
I had a X-ray, but nothing was wrong.
For a while I applied pads and went there to get massage for several months.
Little by little it got better.
Since then sometimes I've suffered from such symptom.
So I've ever taken  chiropractic treatment  not covered by insurance.
(In japan  we usually take health insurance treatment, because we "usually" have( or have to have)  health insurance.
So I've ever  taken hot-yoga practices, of course sometimes I've ever  got massage not covered by insurance.
This time, the pain doesn't seem to be not so serious.
So during the day time in a weekday I went to "yu" hot bath to take a bath in a "wide" sink -- after going to workout.

This is the sign of the Yu.
I had a good feeling, however, the pain continues.
So I ask Yuki to put moxibustion on my back  when he comes back early ( it means about 10 o'clock),
last Sunday I went to take moxibustion treatment not covered by insurance.

Summer is finished, and summer fatigue, and pollen allergy come to me.

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