Wednesday, October 26, 2016

15 things discard and --

Since I updated this blog the last time,10 days have passed.
Though I don't think I'm busy, every day chore  has been hectic. (Does it make sense?)
This weekend I do  a usual weekend chore  -- 15 things discards.

I organized a drawer of the Oshiire-closet in the living room.

And ---

Yuki and I organized the Oshiire.

Why we did such a thing? As I mentioned in the previous blog, we decided to refurbish the rooms on the second floor. And we thought how to organize our house more?
This time it's a good chance to ask something to a carpenter.  So we asked him to open the Oshiire-closet from the other side ( though it's difficult to explain, the oshire-closet is between the hallway and the living room.)
In our house the hallway is at the same temperature, so I put water, root vegetables, a bag of rice and so on.  We can stock them a small storage house outside, but it's very inconvenient.
So this time we ask him to access the Oshiire- closet from the hallway side.
It means --- we have to discard lots of things in the Oshiire-closet.
This job was not finished on the weekend, so Yuki took a day-off.
we discarded lots of things and took them to the garbage center and recycle center directly by our car.
We were really exhausted.
Refurbishing will be started in two weeks.
Anyway this Friday I'll hold a Halloween event at home.


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