Friday, January 13, 2017

100yen shop

This is MOCHI-tray. it is a used in microwave oven.
Finally I bought it.
It's just 100 yen, and during the winter vacation I often went to a 100 yen shop nearby, but I always forgot to buy one, or I didn't dare to buy one. Because always I was there with someone such as my daughters, my grandchild, or Yuki.
"I didn't dare to buy one" means -- I always told them "Why you buy such things? Do you need "them" really? You must waste money even thought we are at a 100 yen shop".  --- I said such thing, so I was not at liberty to buy a tiny thing for me.... I thought.
However, I have wanted one --- so I went to a 100 yen shop, and bought just one thing using gasoline.  (My tiny pride made me use extra gasoline)
It is for mocha.
You put one piece of rice cake on the tray.

And push the button.
One minute later --- done.

Mochi gets soften and ready to eat.
Usually mocha is grilled to eat, but it's troublesome. So since microwave got common, probably many people have cooked mocha with a microwave.( I know grilled mochi is more delicious than microwaved mochi)
Mochi is, as you know, very sticky. So when we cook mochi with a microwave , they make tray sticky easily, and it's a little bit trouble to wash it. This tray avoid dirtying the tray, and prevent from making the mochi tray sticky.
---- though the mochi itself is sticky, so our hands are sticky if you hold it directly.
And -- the microwaved moch gets hard quickly.
So before I prepared my tea I had have to eat it.

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