Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Before going to Karaku


In an hour, I'll go to Karaku to play the piano.
Since Ms.U joined me as a poem reader, one and a half year has passed. Luckily we are getting more regular audiences.
Today we are going to perform in Kimono.
It's easy to say ---
Than I thought I struggled preparing Kimono.

Last night I checked the kimono. And I need to change the collar to the new one .
It means I have to do sewing. It is the second thing I don't like. The first one is ironing.
I managed to do it, and next I need confirm how many hours I need to put it on.
Than I expect --- it took longer .

Anyway I practiced putting Kimono on, and prepared for it.

It's easy to say, but doing it actually is -- troublesome.
It's the time to put the Kimono on.



AikenJan said...

I hope you share photos of you in your kimono! Tell us about it...is it an old one you bought for a special occasion? The fabric colors and pattern are unlike ones that I've seen. Jan

Mieko said...

Later I'll send a photo. Well, this one is made (sewed ) by my grand aunt (Hiroko-san's aunt) and I've never bought any KIMONO by myself. Though I have some KIMONO, all of them are sewed by my grandmother or inherited from the grand aunt who used to live in the house where Tomomi lives in, and to be a professor of a women's university.

Marta Goebel said...

What a beautiful fabric! Would love to see a picture of that kimono on a person.

Marta Goebel said...

What a beautiful fabric! I would love to see that kimono on a person- please post some pictures! :)