Sunday, January 08, 2017

Visiting shrines

I'm not sure how many times we allow to visit shrines during New year's vacation.
Some ones say the more you visit, the more you get a good luck. --- it seems to be shameless.
The others say  that we should visit only once to respect the sprit. --- it seems to be too strict.
Well, well, this year I visited three shrines and after the regular New Year's vacation I visited another one.
First Yuki and I visited this shrine in a small mountain.
It was the first time for us to visit. After we went through the gate, there were lots of stairs which are steep like the stairs in my house (Jan, you can understand it). I don't know how many steps there were.

Two days later Akari and we visited another shrine in another mountain.
There were less steps than the ones in the previous shrines we visited. --- however there were more than 150 steps. And Akari made it.
When she went down from the top  -- Yuki held her -- because she's not good at descent.

And the next day we visited another shire. It seems to be an amusement park.
It was fun.

And finally after the New Year's vacation, my friend and I visited our local main shrine.

Now we got lots of power and good lucks (may be).

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