Thursday, February 16, 2017

It is right !

Though I told you about laughter yoga, I finally made my own brochure supported by my elder daughter T.

I don't decide how to use it specifically.
Anyway the end of month some people will come to experience doing it.
On the other hand I've been doing 10-minute laughter yoga every morning with Yuki since I took the leader training course. 40-days practicing is the final step to become a leader.
Of course for the first 5 minutes Yuki and I are not willing to laugh.  We pretend to laugh, after that we start to smile or grin because of such nonsense.
And -- we know that while doing such nonsense, we are all right. We are not "too" serious.

On the other hand yesterday's word on our daily calendar, which caught a big hit because of too negative phrases, the phrase brought a big laugh to us.

Let me translate the phrases in my English.
Though there is a saying "happiness come along with laugh, or fortune comes in by a merry home", it is doesn't come.
I (it means the man in the photo) used to keep smile when I was in junior high school, but now I don't. I would often be said to others "your smile is strange". If your smile doesn't accept naturally, you don't need to force your lips into your smile.
It is also right.

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