Friday, March 24, 2017

A friend came.

Yesterday, after a long interval , a friend came by my house. Then she was near my house and on a whim she called me. I was at home. And I invited her. There were still 15 minutes before she came. I prepared baking cookies.
While we were chatting, my oven worked well, we shared "fresh" and "hot" cookies.
She has two daughters, of course they are already independent.
Her elder daughter has two children who are still young, and while she continues her full time job as a carrier woman, she and her husband grow their children.
Her younger daughter is also married, however she pursued her carrier without having kids.
Not boast, but she seems to be very proud of her daughters. Because they continue their job, even though they are married. She said " I don't like to be a housewife, so I've wanted my daughters to keep their "full time" jobs."
I was very surprised. -- the phrase "I don't like to be a housewife".
And she also said "I had no choice except to be a housewife".
--- after she left, I was thinking about my daughters. They are fine, they do their best, however they are not stick to keeping work.
--- because my mother, my mother in-law, and "I" are still enjoying being a housewife though I work a little.

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