Thursday, March 02, 2017

Filing an income tax return

This is the article on Today's News paper. The title is "eigo saijiki", which means seasonable words in English.
SAIJIKI is often used as KIGO in Haiku or Tanka which are traditional Japanese poem styles. So I really surprised FILING AN INCOME TAX RETURN (KAKUTE SHINKOKU) is dealt as SAIJIKI. Of course such system didn't exist in old periods.
Anyway I already "did" it.
I'm a member of dependent family, so my national pension is paid automatically from Yuki's tax.
And my health insurance coverage is deducted from Yuki's salary.
However anyway I earn some money, so I need to do it.
When I do it, I always reconsider my job and decide "I'll continue my class one more year".
One more year, I always rethink , annual tax due month (Filing an income tax return)
---- this is HAIKU

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