Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Artificial flowers

Though this year Easter is April 16 , in my house and class Easter has already finished.
Cherry blossoms season is going north. This weekend was the best season for viewing cherry blossoms in Utsunomiya, though we can still enjoy it in this week.

Here in Utsunomiya, May is strawberry season. Usually at farm market December is the highest season, so in winter strawberries were grown in green houses and taken lots of care. In May green houses are removed and they grow under the sun directly  -- they are out-grown. Some become big and the others are not so big even though all of them are sweet. Not big ones are not dealt with  by high prices, so in Utusnomiya there are lots of strawberry farms and they sell them in very reasonable price (very low price) or I often get lots of strawberries from my friends.
So I decorate strawberries small articles with a artificial cheery branch.

Easter's flowers are probably lilies and tulips.
I also put artificial tulips in the living room. Tulips are very popular for year-ones at kindergarten and elementary school. Tulips has "pretty" atmosphere. 

I also decorate this wreath. In my garden herbs have not appeared yet, however rosemary has survived so I add rosemary to the fake wreath.

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