Tuesday, April 04, 2017

high school students' opinions 0331

What is the most important role of advertising in society?

I think advertising plays an important role in our society. There are many ways to advertise things like that by newspapers, by TV or radio, or by internet, and additionally passing from mouth to mouth is one way to advertise things. We learn new information from advertising. New information about products, news, social communities, and so on, always makes people proceed forward and go to the next stage. Some advertising might be exaggerated or wrong, however there is still useful advertising.
To keep advertising worthy and sensible, we have to continue to learn new things by ourselves and to be intelligent. We shouldn't rely on advertising too much. we have to be good judges of advertising.
In this point, the most important of role of advertising might keep us being intelligent.

Fewer people are buying or subscribing to newspapers nowadays. What do you think will become of newspapers in the future?

I partially admit it. However, I believe newspapers will never disappear. We get news easily and quickly from the Internet, however there are too many companies or people involved in updating online news, so it is difficult to know which is reliable.
Focusing on newspaper companies except ones which usually deal with gossips, they still have keep prestige because of their long history, though in some countries with dictatorships, newspapers might be just propaganda paper. So unless the newspaper companies don't lose their trust, they keep their authority, and publish newspaper and update online news. Paper is a good record what they issued. So newspaper will not disappear.

Another reason is the following Newspaper is an easy way to share the news with people around us. When we see online news, usually we use a tablet, a PC , or something only by ourselves and tend to confine ourselves into our own world. So the others don't know what kinds of news we see then. On the other hand, the newspaper is easier to show what we are reading now, or ask some one to read the news you are interested in. When we see online news, we tend to choose what we want to see because we are in our own world. So online news might make us narrow-minded. Sharing the newspaper might be one way of good comminution to others and helps us expand our horizons.
We discussed them in Japanese at first, because it was very difficult to put our minds together, and we tried to translate them in English using suitable words and phrases.
Then, my friend Ms.J  proof read this script. She threw some questions to me and suggested advanced discussion. Because our premise ( it means among Japanese people or high school students) seemed to be very veigue or ambiguous.
I really appreciate her cooperation.

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