Wednesday, April 12, 2017

High school students' opinions 0407

Are you always on time?
I'm usually on time for meeting with people. Because I don't want to let them down or make them irritated.
So I usually set an alarm on my IPhone for the time to leave home or sometimes for 10 minutes ahead of time to leave home.
However, sometimes I'm late for ECC, let me make an excuse for it. Usually our dinner time is on time, and after dinner I come to ECC, so I don't need to set my alarm.

Do you think friendship can exist between men and women?
A boy said
In my opinion, there can be friendship between men and women, because men and women are definitely the same human beings. Additionally I believe not only among human begins, friendship between dogs or cats and us can exist.

A girl said
It depends on the individual. The important thing is what is friendship. The definitions are different for each one. I think when we are in a group, we consider men and women as the same, so we call the good relationship in the group friendship. However I wonder that once a man and a woman contacts face to face each other individually , we might feel a bond but it isn't friendship. Because they naturally realize that they are completely different sex. On the other hand if a man and a woman grew up as childhood friends, friendship could exist because they grew up without being conscious of their different sex.  

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