Monday, April 03, 2017

Laughter yoga in my residential community

Last Tuesday I hold Laugher yoga club at home, and two couple of neighbors came.
The first step was done.
Probably the husband of a couple of neighbor came into my house for the first time.
When we bought this house and started to live, we were the youngest couple. Most of neighbors were busy in bringing up their children.
 33 years have passed since then.
Some members moved out and some new members came into.
Anyway all of them got old. Just one neighbor is younger than us, because his parents moved out to much warmer place and he has still lives there. (He divorced himself, and lives alone there.)
Some members still live with their children, however most of members live themselves.
It means usually there are two members in the house.
Some of them have grandchildren who lives near. The others have no grand children, or even they have grand children, the grand children lives a little bit far like us.
Additionally some elder ladies started to stop driving.
So the two who came to my house were very pleased to join the event.
I was going to serve this sweets after yoga,

they politely denied --- because they are wife and husband. So I let them take my sweet to home.
This sweets is very easy to cook



Rosa said...

I find this idea very interesting! I can't wait to hear more about how your laughter yoga classes go. Do you charge a fee? Do you advertise your laughter yoga class at the cafe when you play piano?

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, Rosa.
The fee is -- 5oo yen for each person or a couple (because usually elder husbands won't join such events)

Well, actually I've started laughter yoga at a café, but it's not the café I play the piano once a month. It is hold at another café where I put sone of my English picture books to lend to customers.