Tuesday, May 09, 2017

10-day holiday -1-

Our big holiday is finished. Let me tell you about our holiday.
The holiday started on 29 Saturday.
It was a usual Saturday. In the morning, Yuki went to play tennis, I organized the rooms and cooked some dishes for the holiday.
And on 30 Sunday, we went to Tokyo to visit our mothers.
We didn't have lunch together, because we had to stop by a farmer's market which opens at 10, and bought vegetables, strawberries and GYOZA.
So on the way we had lunch at a family restaurant of which  we don't have a branch in Utsunomiya.
It was--- a little bit more expensive than usual family restaurants in Utsunomiya, and had less rice. Probably it is the reason why their branches aren't there in Utsunomiya where we have high rice output. (Does it make sense?) The amount of rice in the photo is large size. Here in Utsunomiya it is probably small or regular size, and usually another dish is free.
We talked with each mothers and went back to TOKYO.
Next day, we went to FUKUSHIMA to see thatched-roofed houses.

We bought two Japanese-lacquer cups. Can you see them?
The next day, we bought shopping in the day, and in the evening. M and Ah-chan came.
Our real holiday started.

to be continue.
PS, now it's time to go to KARAKU.


Helen said...

Ooh! Did you go to Ouchijuku? I went there last year and really liked it! I think Golden Week weather would have been better there than in November when I went! It was cold and snowed a little.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment, Helen. Yes we did, this area is older than Utsunomiya, so luckily we also saw cherry blossoms. It is easy to imagine how cold it was in November. Did you go there by car? There it is famous for Negi-soba, however my husband wanted to have Aizu-rahmen, so, we didn't eat anything there. Have you had Aizu-rahmen, not kitakata -rahmen.?

Helen said...

Yes Mieko, we went there by car. We did have soba at the restaurant in Ouchijuku. I don't think my husband had ramen on this trip. I don't eat ramen, but my husband loves it of course.