Saturday, June 24, 2017

Coffee shops

It's Saturday, now I'm spending usual Saturday.

Last week   I  often went to Tokyo to pick my mother up and see her off.
I had no time to do some things for me in Tokyo, however I enjoyed coffee at a coffee shop or a coffee stand.
This is Yanaka coffee. It is served at Yanaka coffee stand we don't have in Utsunomiya. The coffee stand is in a department store near Nakano station, where my mother gets on a train. 

They serve very simple coffee, don't serve arranged coffee like ones at Starbuck. It costs 260yen, though compared with coffee at a convenience  store, it is expensive. But we enjoy the atmosphere at coffee shop (though it is a coffee stand), and the smell of coffee.

And another day, I dropped by TSUBAKIYA coffee -- probably restaurant.
First a set of empty cub and saucer is delivered. So of course I appreciated them.
Then, a waiter brought coffee with siphon.



At that time Yuki and I were in Ueno.
While Yuki was shopping at AME-YOKO with abut 1000 yen, I took a rest at this coffee restaurant drinking this coffee which costs 1000 yen.

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