Wednesday, June 28, 2017

English picture books

I god a direct mail.   -- so I visited a small exhibition & sale of foreign picture books. The firm which held it is in Tokyo. And they came to Utsunoiya after an interval of three years..

They showed very interesting foreign picture books. The books are written not only in English bust also in Spanish, in German, in French, and in Greek. Of course they brought some Asian books.
Of course I would like to have bought some ones.
However the way to sell books is not from one book, at least one set which includes 30 books.
Well, well, now I don't need 30 books. And though foreign picture books are interesting, I need only English picture books.
So I checked some books and "clicked" at home. --- of course Amazon site.
This books shows the concept of number "0" .
This time I went there with Yuki.
He also shows interested in this book. So I bought one at home.

In July I'll do volunteer reading on the third Sunday at the library. Usually on Sunday reading days. many fathers join in my activity. So probably this book will catch their attention.
And another book is this one.
It is the book to find alphabet letters from photos.

When I find such books, I always understand that alphabet letters are pictorial figure, so it is possible to find letters from sceneries.
On the other hand Japanese letters, especially HIRAGANAs are not.
Though I have looked for such books for many years, I don't find one yet. Japanese letters are "sound" letters.

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