Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Larughter Yoga

This poster is designed by my daughter. It gets a good reputation.

Though I constantly hold my laughter yoga-club at home once a month, I've never participated another laughter yoga-club.

Coincidently I got information about another laughter yoga-club in this city. The place was not so far. So I too part in it.

It was really fun.
There were two members, so the size is the same of mine.

And ---

I laughed at myself. Because how different the atmosphere leaded by a different laughter yoga-leader.

While I was surprised at them, I was so welcomed --- because I gave a quite different atmosphere to them.

We promised to join two clubs at least once in a year.

Anyway I continue to hold my laughter yoga club. and I need a little bit more attendee.
So I'll post the brochure in each post of my neighbors again --- it is one of my tasks during the summer vacation.

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