Saturday, April 29, 2017

A big holiday has started.

10-days holiday has started, for Yuki. Unusual week  has started for me.
Anyway, today Yuki was gaven his own holiday, so he has already has gone out to play golf.
Well, I am doing usual morning chores and making pre cooks dishes , though it is less than usual while I am writing this  log.

In one hour a high school boy will come to take my extra lesson. He was called to me becaus he didn't complete his assignment. So I decided that to give vilunteary lesson to his thgotun without his will. 

I the afternoon, I am free. So I'm planning on going out to a place. It is one and a half our drive. For me it is a little bit far. So I haven't decided it yet.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Lunch outside in April

How many times do you usually go out for lunch alone?
In a few years, the number deceased because I have no work in the morning.

However, as a custom, I sometimes have lunch outside. I need to tight my budget, so to have lunch outside, some excuse are necessary.

This month (in April) I have some errands to do at city hall or another place. So it was a good excuse.

The first week in April, I got curry. To my surprise they serve this lich at 650 yen with coffee.
The second week, I dropped at a café. The café opened one year ago, at that time Yuki and I visited there. They are still open.
I had lunch there --- at 650 yen. It is a café, so after having lunch I read through a book.
--- it means, though it is lunch time it is not crowded. I hope this shop survives.

And the third week, I dropped by at this café. It is one of my favorite café. Since I knew this café 15 years passed. It is also my mother's favorite.
It costs 1080 yen with coffee.

And last week I dropped at this "music" café. I need to talk to the master of this café.
It costs 850 yen with coffee.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

White clover

White clovers "were" very popular in the field in this season. However we have little field around here now.

Naturally , start weaving a garland, of white clovers

Seeing white clovers, purify our sprits, with its fresh and tidy feeling 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017



Since I started to use aroma, probably one and a half year has passed
Though I used a little bit lots of money than I expected, anyway I still enjoyed aroma, and I and Yuki are accustomed to use aroma.
Additionally nowadays I know what is necessary, so I don't use too much money for aroma.
Mainly we use aroma in our usual life.
The photos are bottles of aroma I refilled.
Deodorants of shoes, toilets, and Yuki's room --- oh, sorry the last one is wrong.
Add aroma effect to Yuki's room to release his stress.
Bath aroma, and energy aroma instead of perfume (for Yuki).
Moreover I use one bottle of aroma against runny nose caused by pollen allergy.
Blending aroma  is a nice leisure,  isn't it?
And it sometimes become a small good present to my friends.
When I get something from my friends, I sometimes present a small bottle of aroma, which is against runny nose, and bugs outside.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A gardener came

This year "he" who is a gardener came and treated our garden. He came once a year.

Probably in this size of garden, not so many people have a trees in the garden trimmed nowadays.
When this house was built, it means about 30 years ago, many houses with any sizes used to use trees as their fence. At that time KAIZUKA-IBUKI was very popular, so without doubts we used the trees for our fence. It was necessary to trimmed by someone. Usually residents used to do it.  However we had no skill, knowledge and time. We let them grow as they want.
And --- most of KAIZUKA-IBUKI in other houses have gone. Some one says it was difficult to care by ourselves, so the fence was changed into block fence. Some one says it was difficult to care and they died naturally, so the fence was changed into low shrubs fence.
In our case, it was too tall for armature to trim them. But they got very superb as a fence tree.  We have to do something. And I meet the gardener.  It took 2 days to trim them. And the cost was not so cheap. So he asked us to change the trees to easy one.
So we changed the trees into AKAMANSAKU. It took 3 years, now it bloomed.
It is easy to trim. Probably "Yuki" can do it. However to keep with the gardener, I still ask him to trim  them once a year.
Probably ( I seem to like this word), not only in this size of garden, house  but also in this standard living, hiring a gardener is very luxury thing.
I know we spend money for unseeing places. (does it make sense?)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Laughter yoga is introduced on a textbook for high school students

a new week has started. Tomorrow I held the second meeting of laughter yoga at home.
From  the version of this spring laughter yoga is introduced on a textbooks for high school students. I'm very surprised, and I'm proud of it. Thanks to it, it's easy to share my activity to others.
Last week I bought to buy one at a special bookstore which deals with school textbooks.
Probably 15 years passed since I went there --- to buy M's textbooks. She left her "textbooks" with a bag somewhere.
As I bought one, I entered into a café to read it. I wanted to read it as soon as possible--- and had a good teatime.

So far three ladies are going to come to my house. One lady is the second time.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Hot yoga and rental video

It is the last weekday of this week. Do you have a plan o this weekend?
We are going to go somewhere.

Last weekend-- it was a lazy weekend.
last Sunday, after doing house chores (discarding 10 things) , I went to a sturdily to do hot yoga.
Have you done hot Yoga?

The studio I sometimes go serves three level course, active course, usual course, and relaxing course. Of course I always choose relaxing course in which "all exercises " are done in a sitting posture or a lying one.

Compared to usual yoga, probably it costs higher. One course costs 3200 yen.
However if it is a kind of massage, it costs reasonable.  I heard not one person but also some people cured their frozen shoulders or curbed backs due to age by the means of hot yoga.

Sometimes my neck or back hurt. And these days it seems to be a little difficult to raise my left hand straight up, though it doesn't matter to do usual life.

We can enter the room before 30 minutes before a course starts. After finishing it, we can take shower.
So compared go getting massage, it is very reasonable. Usually each yoga-course is one-hour course.

However there is one good or bad point for me.
Usually people who take yoga-lesson, feel refresh and move to the next activity.
However, for me, I can't do anything.
Because my body becomes too hot to do thing. Once I went out after hot yoga, and in 2 hours I suddenly felt chilly and --- was caught a cold.
I need to long time to cool myself down.
So, though it is a good point, I spent the lest of the day in the bed reading books.

And at night I rent a video from the internet (it means without going) watch it.
It was lazy day last weekend.