Monday, January 23, 2017

This weekend

Monday has started, it means my usual weekday has also started. This weekend, it was very cold though luckily we didn't have snow. However the north area of Utsunomiya it snowed, so on Sunday the golf course Yuki was going to go was closed.

On Saturday, in the morning I did house errands (throwing away 15 things and cooking pre-cooked dishes) while Yuki was playing tennis, in the afternoon after having lunch at home, we went out shooing and  stopped by a hotel
I got a coupon ticket being able to use at this hotel, just for 500 yen discount.
Anyway it was a good excurse to go to a hotel and have tea.

We enjoyed cake set, and a pot-tea receiving  500 yen discount with this ticket.
On Sunday, though the golf course was closed, in Utsunomiya luckily we had no snow.
So we went to an art museum and listened to a concert.
For a while they are holding "The Legend of OYA Stone: Modern Architecture and Culture of Utsunomiya". Oya stone is famous as one of products in Utsunomiya, and there are many "old" storages made from Oya stone most of which are deserted.. On the other hand some famous Jazz musicians were born in Utsunomiya. As one way to make Utsunomiya city active, to use and advertise Oya stone storages connected with Jazz music.
It means they try to hold a Jazz concert at Oya stone storages.
And Oya stone is also used in this art museum.

It was a good concert. In this photo the audience doesn't seem not so many. However it got full, and some people couldn't enter in this hall.
The main musician is a drummer who was born in Utsunomiya and plays in Japan as a famous drummer. He called his company  and also called young musician who was born in Utsumoniya.
The quality was excellent, and of course it was organized by our city --- it means the enter fee was just 600 yen.
We are willing to pay tax if our tax is always used for such a wonderful thing.

Friday, January 20, 2017

about winter swimming

The other day, I found this article on the newspaper.

"Winter swimming", in Japanese KANCYU SUIEI. The literal meaning is to swim in a cold cold cold--- sea or river.
This is a kind of ceremony in winter.

Swimming in the sea or rivers in midwinter is called winter swimming It is said to have originated in the Edo period when swimming was practiced in each domain every during the wintertime.

Oh, I didn't know that, I thought its origin would be a ritual of Shintou religion.
It isn't a ritual. it's a ceremony.

I sometimes see the ceremony on TV in winter, but I've never seen one directly on my eyes.

Do you have such ceremony in your country???

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Orgamic rice

I got this bag of organic rice from a young farmer who is into running his organic farm.
In this prefecture, Tochigi, there are many farmers who are also landowners. So I always get good rice easily.
Sometimes I have such a chance to be presented rice.
And -- when the rice is presented, there is an important thing. It is I should evaluate the taste of rice --- usually should not evaluate them badly. However until now I've never tasted bad taste rice.
So this time I tried to evaluate this rice, so I cooked the bag of rice at once.
I usually cooked one and a half cup of rice, in this bag there were three cups of rice.

First "we" (Yuki and I) ate them as soon as it was cooked by rice cooker.
This photo is taken by Yuki.
Yes, probably it is a right way to evaluate the taste of rice to eat without anything.
However--- we had a bin of IKURA(salmon roe)

I know any rice must be delicious to eat with good quality IKURA--- anyway of course it was very very delicious.
If I dare to say something, probably the size of grain seems to be smaller than grains we usually eat.
I'm afraid we couldn't eat all of them.
So I made vinegared rice of the rest of rice and -- made OINARI for our next day lunch.

We went out with this lunch to listen to a concert.
However  we couldn't eat all vinegared rice.
So next morning I steamed the rest of vinegared rice and tried to wrap it with flied egg ( it is called Chakin in Japanese) -- I'm clumsy with fingers, so  -- it looked like an omelet though the taste must be the same. 

Anyway I made good use of the bag of rice with fun.
Thanks, Mr., K!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

YUZU soufflé

Yesterday's meeting was fun. I made it!
Lemmon soufflé was good. A lady who ate this one first time said us "it was delicious", on the other hand the other three said  that "fresh soufflé  (which means it's very hot)  that we made the other time was more soften and delicious, however this one has kept the taste of delicious even it got cool.

Oh, you can see a can of beer, of course it's non-alcohol beer.
Did you remember? This New Year's vacation I found some interesting things.

One of them was "beer rich". I made my beer rich with lemon grass, sliced ginger and rock sugar.
And I served beer and this beer rich -- to celebrate for our first workshop this year, and celebrate belated New Year.

We enjoyed play rhyming cards and made some couplets and poems.

Snow is still falling.
North wind is still blowing.
Off beaten path is still covered with snow.
Winter is still here as I know.
Flowers are still hidden under loam.
Lazy Mieko is stuck at home.
Angel cake is almost baked.
Knife and fork is already set.
Enjoy the winter sweet together!
 by Mieko

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mieko(grandma) salon in January

It is the first meeting? workshop? salon in 2017. 3 women are joinning it. I prepared rhyming cards, couplet worksheet and

We are going to bake Yuzu soufflé instead of lemon soufflé. 
Before the workshop, I do volunteer reading at the library , again. This time some friends help me. So it is fun, 

Anyway I have to clean and organize the rooms .

Monday, January 16, 2017

This weekend

How was this weekend? Our weekend seems to go back to a usual weekend, though Yuki didn't go golfing.
As I told you, last Wednesday I bought KIBUNA, this year's lucky item.
So we have to return the old one, we "shouldn't" throw it away as a trash.

So we went to a shrine on Saturday when they hold DONTOYAKI which means to put back old lucky items to God.
-- on the day they hold a bonfire to burn the lucky items .

And on Saturday, I did voluntary reading at the library.
This time I did by myself. And from now on if I decide to continue this activity, I have to do it by myself.
Though there are many audience usually, after the activity I leave the place alone and sometimes I feel lonely.
Yesterday, luckily Yuki attended me, and after the activity we went to another place, so I had no time for loneliness.
Well, well why I need to feel loneliness, probably I want  to be admired my volunteer activity from someone.

Anyway move on.
We went to listen to a concert held by junior high school students.
These days we go out to listen high school student's concerts when I got information.
Usually such concerts are free but the information is not open widely.
And the level is high, and I love to feel youth energy.
I had a good weekend.

Friday, January 13, 2017

100yen shop

This is MOCHI-tray. it is a used in microwave oven.
Finally I bought it.
It's just 100 yen, and during the winter vacation I often went to a 100 yen shop nearby, but I always forgot to buy one, or I didn't dare to buy one. Because always I was there with someone such as my daughters, my grandchild, or Yuki.
"I didn't dare to buy one" means -- I always told them "Why you buy such things? Do you need "them" really? You must waste money even thought we are at a 100 yen shop".  --- I said such thing, so I was not at liberty to buy a tiny thing for me.... I thought.
However, I have wanted one --- so I went to a 100 yen shop, and bought just one thing using gasoline.  (My tiny pride made me use extra gasoline)
It is for mocha.
You put one piece of rice cake on the tray.

And push the button.
One minute later --- done.

Mochi gets soften and ready to eat.
Usually mocha is grilled to eat, but it's troublesome. So since microwave got common, probably many people have cooked mocha with a microwave.( I know grilled mochi is more delicious than microwaved mochi)
Mochi is, as you know, very sticky. So when we cook mochi with a microwave , they make tray sticky easily, and it's a little bit trouble to wash it. This tray avoid dirtying the tray, and prevent from making the mochi tray sticky.
---- though the mochi itself is sticky, so our hands are sticky if you hold it directly.
And -- the microwaved moch gets hard quickly.
So before I prepared my tea I had have to eat it.