Monday, February 19, 2018

Though we decided to go out to a little bit far place ---

Yesterday, I took an examination in the morning, and went out to a little bit far place with Yuki by car. It took 50 km from here, we went there using a kind of expressway which cost 210yen.

There a small Hina doll exhibition was hold there, it was free.
Our main aim was to see a indoor exhibition of potted flowers of peonies.
I found an article on the newspaper, and was interested in it. The place organized it to attract people even in cold winter. The fee was 200 yen.
However the exhibition was hold in a "not big" hall, and --- if we enter in it, we have to pay 400 yen.
(You can guess, how small the hall is)
We were wondering whether to enter there or not. And we noticed that many people stood in front of the gate and they peeked inside over  the gate, and they left there.
So we did the same thing. We could see the inside over the gate and it was enough.
I thought it must have been expensive to pay 400 yen for 5 minute look.
Anyway we decided  to come here, so we drooped by at the "big" souvenir shop. The shop was larger than the hall.
We bought fresh salmon which cost 400 yen. You might ask how long we stayed there. Anyway we stayed there for longer than five minutes.
I cooked salmon and beans marinated salad.  And grilled sparerib

Saturday, February 17, 2018


I got this sweet from a friend. This sweet dealt with a local Japanese confectionery is getting very popular, so I was very pleased to get them.
Though it is a little bit different, it is a kind of strawberry rice cake.
If you are interested in it, let's see the following youtube.

For you, it might be strange  --- strawberry and sweet beans combination , like the combination of turkey and fruit sauce (for me)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

season word 0214 Chinese Year

"Chinese New Year" , this word was introduced on today's news paper as a season word.
However does it get familiar with us?
When I hear the word, with things  I come up with are  a large crowd in Yokohama China town and a new word (for me) shopping spree.
On Chinese New Year, watching the news of a large crowd (in Yokohama China Town), licking my lips
(because they are enjoying lots of special treats)
Shopping spree I learnt a few years ago, Chinese New Hear at Ginza, gone are the days

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

arranged flowers

This Sunday Yuki and I drove to a park where it took about one hour by car.
A big flower festival was held, and a work of one of my friends was displayed.
She likes gardening, and she is also interested in group planting.
And --- now she is a professional teacher of this area. She got a license to teach how to make group planting nicely in Japan gardening organization. She obtained it after she retired from her work.
 There a workshop was held. So I also did group planting easily and quickly.

As you can guess, for Yuki it was not so interesting.
However, the area it was very famous for SANO noodle.
So we had SANO noodle at a famous shop.

As you can also guess, I don't like it very much.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine's day and Hinsa festival

The day after tomorrow is Valentine's day, isn't it?
Have you prepared something for your Valentine?

Anyway here in Japan "Valentine's Day" is one of foreign and commercialized culture.
As you know here in Japan women present chocolate for men who are only a man next to you or a very important man.
On the other hands, girls like to  exchange handmade sweet for each other.

Anyway, thank to my friend J, we enjoyed our Valentine's lesson.
What is our Valentine's lesson? Yes, cooking. Through cooking we know, we try to understand Valentine's day, or --- it is a good excuse to enjoy cooking time instead of usual lessons.

And in the early March we have a traditional event, Hina festival.
March 3 is not a holiday, however girls celebrate Hina festival.
So I put some Hina dolls on the entrance hall.

The small pair of dolls in the center were made by my grand mother.
Anyway tomorrow is the day of Karaku, so I prepared cholate for the master to show my thankfulness, though it is early Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Change some items into new ones.

As I told you, I've tried to discard or recycle 10 things a week constantly.
And as you know our house seems to be far from being empty, because we buy new things "sometimes."
Anyway we discarded lots of my children's goods, however, instead of them lots of Ah-chan staying goods are here.
Usually they come here with just a small bag, because all of things including M's clothes are here.
Anyway I need to check the balance what we bought and what we discarded.
However I try not to mention replacing.

For example, I changed these towel cloth shelf, and tissue case into new ones.

I'm very surprised, because why I didn't change much earlier  --- probably because of troublesome.
While I was replacing them, I checked other things.
Finally I saw a hole on the table clothe, I have another one but this is my favorite.
And --- that's it.
This weekend comes, I need to discard 10 things and if I buy some things this weekend I'll show the list except daily foods.
Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Thursday, February 08, 2018

season word 0208 snowshoes

A season word of this week on the news paper was  "KANJIKI". snowshoes.
Yes, actually they are snowshoes, but, how many "young people" know this word?
Even though I know the word, I've never put them on, and probably see them directly.
However this winter in north areas in Japan, they have had unexpected lots of snow. So some people put them on to go outside.
Of course nowadays Kanjiki is made from light plastic material.
KANJIKI is a very traditional old tool.
Though it is spoken in Japanese, if you are interested in it, please show it.

However when I found this video, I was very surprised.

With Kanjiki, people have to walk, who expected that?
(This winter, in the north area, they are having unexpected lots of snow, so some people have to put modern Kanjiki on)

Nowadays, light-weight Kanjiki, it's simply divine.