Friday, February 24, 2017

Three? no five years have passed since we met each other last time.

I was really happy for her to have come over all the way.
Today a friend came here from the next prefecture -- well, it doesn't seem to be distant, however, the traffic condition is not so good. It takes more about three house by changing local trains.

We were really surprised that five years have already passed since we met each other last time.
Both of us run our own ECC English school, so of course we have lots of things to talk in common, however we talked about our "senior" life mostly, because we are almost at the same age.

We were going to go out for lunch somewhere, we thought staying at my house would be more easier and cozier.

So I prepared lunch.

It was a good excuse to buy this Bagna càuda sauce on the net.
This winter vacation, I found it at a store, and it has become our favorite.
So for her coming I bought some again.

The dessert was of course


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Egg shell cutter

Tomorrow a friend comes here from the next prefecture. Though we keep I touch it has passed three years since we met last time. 

Of course the main is chatting, however I would like her to enjoy making something. So I did a trial.
It was the first time to use this egg shell cutter. Perfect.

While I was baking pudding, I also made them.

And Tada--,

Perfect. I can't wait for her smile.

Anyway my lesson time comes.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

With friends

Yesterday it was the third Tuesday, it means a volunteering day. My friend and I read and introduced some English picture books at the library. This time the them was "snow". Actually light snow fell. --- however when we finished reading books, the sun appeared.
Some pairs of mother and kids join us, some adults join us, some my friends bothered to come there.

After that my friend and I went back to home and had lunch.
My friend K helps and encourages me, so as an express of my thanks I cooked it for her -- not only for her but also myself.

And in the afternoon, another members joined us to read these books.
It was the first book club.  For a while we are going to read this book once a month in each chapter.

Monday, February 20, 2017

dinner at home

This weekend, I stayed home lazily.
However I did what I should do.

I cooked pre-cooked dishes and discarded 15 things.

On Saturday, I decided to make cheese fondue because I had a box of cheese fondue. It seemed to be very easy. However --- we (Yuki and I) thought that good quality French bread was necessary. So we bothered to go out to buy just this French bread.
Thanks to our efforts, the dinner was very good.

The next day (Sunday) we had SUMGETAN (Korean food).
We "bothered" to go out to a department where they deal with Korean foods to buy them.
And we also bought very "expensive" UMEBOSHI (Japanese plum) kimuchi.
There is a whole of chicken and soup in a bag.

While we were separating?  the chicken, we enjoyed SAMUGETAN.

Friday, February 17, 2017

A graduate student came by here!

Yesterday, a girl who graduated from my school two years ago dropped by here with these sweets and tea.
She is now a sophomore. and in three days she goes to China to study Chinese and will have studied at a college ( I forgot the name)  for one year as an exchange student.
This spring another girl who graduated from my school last year is going to the US.
More than 15 years have passed since I started this school. Some of them continued studying English with me until they entered to college.
And some of them have already be at work ----- in Tochigi, or in Tokyo.
Sometimes they drop by here. It makes me very happy.
However no one had never study abroad before these girls decided to study abroad.
I'm also very happy.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

It is right !

Though I told you about laughter yoga, I finally made my own brochure supported by my elder daughter T.

I don't decide how to use it specifically.
Anyway the end of month some people will come to experience doing it.
On the other hand I've been doing 10-minute laughter yoga every morning with Yuki since I took the leader training course. 40-days practicing is the final step to become a leader.
Of course for the first 5 minutes Yuki and I are not willing to laugh.  We pretend to laugh, after that we start to smile or grin because of such nonsense.
And -- we know that while doing such nonsense, we are all right. We are not "too" serious.

On the other hand yesterday's word on our daily calendar, which caught a big hit because of too negative phrases, the phrase brought a big laugh to us.

Let me translate the phrases in my English.
Though there is a saying "happiness come along with laugh, or fortune comes in by a merry home", it is doesn't come.
I (it means the man in the photo) used to keep smile when I was in junior high school, but now I don't. I would often be said to others "your smile is strange". If your smile doesn't accept naturally, you don't need to force your lips into your smile.
It is also right.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The day after Valentine's Day

Yesterday, coincidently it was the day for me to play the piano at Karaku
To be surprised it was full of audience, and it was Valentine's Day so the master served us his special.

Wonderful! And I was served another cup of coffee -- of courser for free. Lucky me.
After the concert Ms.U (reciter) and I lingered at the café for a few hours. It was really really good , calm, and "lazy" day.
And at the concert, of course to show our thankfulness we presented a piece of heart-shaped rice cracker. 
And after the concert
we got  these gifts from the audience.
Surrounded me it seems to get general that on Valentine's day we show our thankfulness and love to each other.
Of course Yuki got this one from one big group of ladies in the office.


 Do I need to prepare something for the group on March 14 as Yuki's wife???