Thursday, June 22, 2017

Season word 0622

Electric fan without brads , a wind bell rings,  magically!

( I was reallly suprpised that  blameless fan  appeared from Dyson  ) 

A wall-mounted fan, watching each other , with Ah-chan
Here in this article, wall-mounted fans are not introduced. However since our daughters were little, we have fitted (?)  wall-mounted fans in mostly each room. They are really suitable to get enough space, and not dangerous for kids. Do you know this type of fans?


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Though usual weekdays have started --

Though usual weekdays have started, though I go to the library to do volunteer reading in 20 minutes, I'm getting irritated a little.
The special weekend was finished. My mother came here after an interval of 3 years. The main object was to see an art group exhibition in Toubu department store. My elder daughter join in it.

And the hidden main object is shoppinb at Toubu department store.

She lives in Tokyo, so there are lots of big department stores.
For the youth shopping something in Tokyo is entertaining, however for my mother who is 83 years old, it gets stress. Because too many people, and too many goods.
Compared to Tokyo, Utsunomiya is not a big city, and not a small city. It is very suitable size for elder people. Actually at Toubu department they target the senior.
So she enjoyed selecting her cane (finally she decided to have her cane), some clothes, and some foods.
Of course she goes shopping in Tokyo to the nearby supermarket.
The goods  and service are different from one at the supermarket. Though the cost is high (but it is low compared to departments store in Tokyo) , she was able to enjoy her leisure time calmly there.

What makes me irritated is --- anyway I have to visit her often to stop her proceeding senile, and release her stress. So I have to struggle my stress.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

season word 0615 loquat

In my garden there is a tree of loquat, however before it bears fruit , we always trim it.
Why we keep it?
Because we use the leaves to care our skin.
I planted the seed when our daughters were very small. They used to have atopy, and I relied on Japanese herb medicine while I took them to a clinic.
Since then I use the leaves for skin care.
And nowadays I also apply the lotion to Ah-chan.
Sorry, trim you, before bearing the fruit of loquat
Thanks, enjoy this summer, with the leaves of loquat

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Before my mother coming

This week my mother is going to come --- if she is in good condition.
Probably I'm going to pick her up at TOKYO station ( it means I'll go to TOKYO by grain from Utsunomiya early morning) and come back with her by SHINKANSEN (bullet train).
And probably when she goes back to Tokyo, Yuki will give her  a ride and probably we'll also visit Yuki's mother on our way home.

Anyway I cooked pre-cooked dishes.

And, just a few minutes ago, our elder daughter T came here on her car (It means she drove her car from Tokyo to Utsunomiya, of course it was the first time)

She joins a group exhibition here in Utsunomiya. She has to carry her works in to Tobu department, so She came here earlier than my mother.
And my mother, of course will come here to see the exhibition.

---my unusual week has started.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Discarding 10 things

 I still continue  discarding 10 things once a week .  

The brown one is TATAMI mat. I got it from a TATAMI- shop for free. because it is just the fringe of TATAMI. so it doesn't work as TATAMI. At that time I thought I was going to use it for something. But until now I haven't used it.
This time in according wit "konmari" method, I handled it (it's important to have the items with hands once)  and made sure it didn't spark.
And I also discarded other 9 things.

And I also discarded other 10 things.
I subscribe the newspaper, and when a news letter is inserted, I always do this.
--- I donate something.
This time the company collected kids clothes and stationery. So I donated "Ah-chan"'s clothes and some unused stationery.

In Aiken I saw recycled boxes for clothes at street. I thought it was a good idea. Here in Japan recycled box for cans, bins, and paper are here and there, however the ones for clothes are not seen at street.

Monday, June 12, 2017

hydraingea jelly

As I told you, last Tuesday two women came and enjoyed talking about TSUYU (mainly in Japanese and sometimes in English)
And instead of making crafts we made ---

And we also arranged "konpeitou"-candy like this.

Next morning, I served the jelly for our breakfast.

It was the activity of last Tuesday.
This Tuesday I go to KARAKU as a pianist.

Currently I seem to be a little bit busy, though I don't like the word busy.
I don't have many things, however some new errands (visiting my mother, calling to my mother, etc) are added, and I'm being pursued by preparing for my activities .
Anyway, after this I have to practice the piano for tomorrow, and have to go to the bank before it closes.
(which is faster??? going to bank is the first thing???)

Thursday, June 08, 2017

tree frog

a word of this week from the SAIJIGI literary calendar is "tree frog".
Tree frog, how are you, you bring me smile
Tree frog, where are you going, I'll catch you with my hand net.
 ( I don't have a net so try to catch it with my hand)
Ah-chan , which one is bigger?  you or tree frog?
Ah-chan lives in Tokyo, and her area is no "land". So it was the first time for her to "see" frogs at the small mountain site.
A man managed to catch some frogs, and showed one on his hand to her, She couldn't approach him.
So he put them into a the water in the bucket  --- and
Ah-chan could just dip her finger into the water.