Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Home delivery KAMAMESHI

When I was a child, typical home  delivery meals (foods? dishes?, I hope someone tell me.) were Japanese noodle, Sushi, and Eel bowls. When I was young, delivery pizza was common. And --
currently, many kinds of meals are delivered.

Since tomorrow, usual days have started, though there are still four members. Last night I was a little bit tired, so I was going to cook something easy for three members. Unexpectedly Yuki came back earlier.

So we ordered "KAMAMESHI".  It was the first time for four of us.
Kamameshi is a Japanese rice pilaf cooked in an individual  iron pot.
It is often served as EKIBEN at station. Ekiben is meals sold at station.

There are various typs of Kamameshi.
This time we ordered Eel-Kamameshi.

They were tasty.

Friday, August 17, 2018

seasib word 0816 test of courage

 In Japanese it is said "kimo -dameshi". Kimo mease liver and dameshi means test.
Test of courage and KIMO-Dameshi are the same meaning, but the sounds seem to be different.
KIMO-Dameshi sounds more spooky.

Even the chill of KIMO-dameshi,  bent down, to this fierce heat
KIMO-dameshi, how scared I am, I have never done it.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

How do you say --- this action?

Now, we are in summer vacation. Later I'll tell you how to spend this vacation.
And from next week, my daily life will have started.
Next Tuesday, it is a volunteering day at the library.
I'll read some English picture books, and about one book I'm thinking about an activity.

I prepared cups with a number.

1. please spread the cups randomly.

2.While I'm reading the book, I shout a number. So take a cup of the same number and stack the cups.

3. Thanks. Well, now I'll read the book again from backward, When I shout a number, please remove the cup with the number.

Does it make sense?
If some one  help me, I owe you one!

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

air-conditioner sick

Have you ever heard of the word "air-conditioner sick"?
Now my husband Yuki is suffering from it, and finally he took a sick-day. It is really unusual.
Last month he took a sick-day from summer cold (our grandmother brought it). He seldom takes such sick-days.
It means the heat of this summer is unusual, and our situation with our daughter and grand daughter is also unusual.

"Air-conditioner sick" seems to be used only in Japan. It is a particular syndrome in Japan.
According to Japanese Wikipedia,
 Air-conditioner sick doesn't exist as one of illness in the medical world. However it is right many people in Japan  feel unwell including slight fever or headaches when they stay in the area where air conditioners work very well for long hours and after that they stay in a very hot sites, and they have to experiences such a temperature difference repeatedly.
The relationship of this bad shape and air conditioners is not clear scientifically . However in Japan many people are suffering from air-conditioner sick in summer. Japanese doctors use this term. Additionally this term isn't accepted in the world not standard.
Probably our thermoregulation immune system is different from others.

Yuki said,
in Yuki's office, about half of Japanese workers wear long-sleeved uniforms on the other hand most of foreign workers (there are many foreign workers in his office) wear short-sleeved uniforms.

And he often heard that some people are suffering from air-conditioner sick, but never heard that foreign workers suffer from it.

Well, well, it is an additional thing.
The other day I had to kill time at a shopping mall while  our daughter and her granddaughter were  participating in a meeting. I forgot to bring my jacket. It was too cold to stay there without jacket. And fortunately many clothes were on sale. So I bought a new jacket.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

season words in June

Kids' summer vacation has started, so everywhere every morning in July kids and senior people get together to do radio gymnastic exercises in each local community.

If you are interested in it, try it!
Another season word is "stag beetle".
Can you find stag beetles in woods or parks naturally?
Nowadays many kids think they are bought.


Monday, July 23, 2018

Eel and river fish

Yesterday, we went out. The main aims was playing near the river. 
However, it was too hot, we ( more collected three adults) gave up being outside.
So, we se eels and river fish, which are speciality of this town. 
We did one hour drive to play near the clean river and buy these things 

While driving Ah-chan was sleeping. So we didn't know whether she enjoyed the drive, but, anyway we were really satisfied with this dinner.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hot, hot, hot

Hot days have been continued
Though it is said that it is unusual, nowadays, every season seems to be unusual everyhere.
Since our daughter and grand daughter came, 20 days have passed. All of us are getting used to be this life.
Serving breakfast is Ah-chan's chore, she decides, which bread is for whom, how many kidney beans should be put on each one's plate.

Today she made rice balls.

Sounds fun? Sounds noisy? Sounds troublesome? 
Kitchen seems to be messy? It seems to be exciting? 

According to the weather report , the hot day will be continued during this month.

It is OK to coninute the not days. However , in our house only two aireconditoners work at the same time. It sometimes causes a problem, especially Yuki is at home.-- someone has to bear to stay in the room without air conditioner, if he or she wants  his or her personal time.