Thursday, June 14, 2018

a season word 0614

Do you know the word "water clock"?
Water clocks are one of the oldest time-measuring instruments like sun dials.
Or have you seen a water clock?
Though I haven't seen it, there is a modern water clock in Osaka.
Osaka is a very famous city as a noisy and cheerful city. Or you might have heard it, "in Osaka, every one spend all money on food."
Water clock, the combination with Osaka city, ridiculous
I also found this site in Japanese.
Handmade water clocks, enjoying with my granddaughter, brings a warm feeling

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

pre-cooked dishes

I'm continuing to cook pre-cooked dishes for a week.
One reason is I ordered a box of vegetables to a farmer once a week. So without my feelings a box of vegetables come once a week. I don't want them to be wasteful

I got fresh DAIKON with leaves, so I also cooked them.
And this time I got too many eggs.

So I made lots of crape, and froze some of them as our snack.

And I managed to go out to buy some organic lemons, and made lemon custard cream with the eggs.


I have cleverly used them up. What a good housewife I am!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

dairly life --ironing

As I often (probably) tell you, I don't like ironing much.
I want to live carefully? or graciously not against time. And probably it is the time to be able to do it because of my age.
However I want to do something trouble.
Well, well, though it is in a rainy season, I like wearing shirt in this season which is of course, ironed.
Yuki usually wears a polo-shirt. So I don't need to iron his cloths often.
Sometimes he wears a Y-shirt, but they are usually permanent-press ones. (This time I learnt this word). So I don't need to iron them so often.
However my summer  shirt is made of cotton, and I've used them carefully. So it is very old.
To keep them good,  after I wear them, soon I wash them by hand, and iron them before dry.
Or sometimes I take them to the cleaners.
I'd like to change them into cotton permanent-press ones. I see ones for men's, but I don't find for women's.
So I can't discard them, and continue to use carefully while ironing.
The other day I saw this article in Japanese.

Currently the production is falling off, because very cheap cotton shirts go on sale.
And I know the cost of cleaning a men's Y-shirt at the cleaner is lower. (Only men's Y-shirts)
I don't like ironing, but I like to see senior men wearing Y-shirt neatly.
So I hope to keep the production without rising the cost.

Monday, June 11, 2018

my left shoulder hurts!!!

Though I'm fine, my left shoulder hurts.
It is called frozen shoulder syndrome, stiff shoulder due to age, or in Japanese 50 years old shoulder.
Of course I went to see the doctor, and he said "I'm afraid that it is stiff shoulder due to age, so it will take about one year or more to get well. It is getting well naturally."
He also recommend to take manipulative treatment.
I started to take Japanese herb medicine.
It works as a painkiller, but the main effect is to warm the body.
Of course I have to do exercise.
So I bought this "traditional" tool to make our body warm, and to strength our knees while stretching our arms.

It seems to be called bamboo stepper.
Do you know the word?

Friday, June 08, 2018

try to make a craft with dry rose petals

This year I had a lot of chance to see roses, visit rose gardens, and get many roses.
As I told you, I enjoyed making rose jam, taking a bath with fresh roses, and making dry rose flowers.
I just put some dry rose petals  with rose aroma oil as potpourri, not so bad, but I wanted to use them more effective.
So I got a glass of 100-yen candle at 100 yen shop.
I made is smaller.
And I dissolved  the wax by putting the bowl in hot water .

I put some dry rose petals around the candle.
And I poured the dissolved wax on it.

It's sometimes OK to stay home and do something like this by myself instead of going out (to workout).
Anyway, today I have to go out to do exercise at the gym. I use some money for them.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

season word 0607 wheat harvest time

The kanji is called "bakusyu".
This time I learnt that "bakusyu" is a season word of early summer.
Actually "bakusyu" is translated as "wheat harvest time" in this article, it seems to be translated as "early summer" once in a while.
Baku means wheat, and Syu means autumn.
Usually harvest season is autumn in Japan, however, the wheat harvest time is in June, so we call this season "wheat (baku)  autumn (syu)".
On one day in Bakusyu, before bustle of children, full of quietness
--- Children's summer vacation is just around the corner. During summer vacation as soon as the sun rises, we are covered with bustle of children.
Bakusyu  contrast green rice plants with golden wheat
We see grenn rice plants and golden wheats at same fields.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

The last day of a strawberry season in this year

Last Sunday I went to a strawberry farm. The farm opened for a group to pick up strawberries for free.
It was the last day of a strawberry season for this farm. They don't get the strawberries on the market .
So they clear the strawberry farm, and start to grow new seedlings for winter.
There were still lots of strawberries, which were small.
Everyone enjoyed picking them up.
I just attended to assist the event, however when I saw lots of strawberries in sight, I couldn't help picking them up automatically. And I was one of three people to pick them up the most.

The owner is a young man, who took over this job from his father.
And now he tried to make regular sweets using his strawberries.

Since this group started this event, 18 years have passed.
The organizer of this event is my friend. She wanted to encourage the seniors living in this area.  And some seniors who have own strawberry farms offered the help. And now the seniors are too old to do it, and their children continue to held this event once a year.