Thursday, August 25, 2016


Yesterday I had lunch with a friend.  A half of year has passed, since we last talked together. 
She became my first friend when I came to Utunimiya about 30 years ago, it means we've known each other for about 30 years. What is interesting is we don't have in common expect being the same age and female. I think so our relationship has been kept . every time we see, we appreciate our life style each other.

However both of us are getting old, so this time while we talked about our current situation, and thought about our pension life. Actually her husband has already retired so their pension life has started. She also retired earlier because she "had to" nurse her mother-in law. Last year she fit free from nursing her, and now she is pursuing a garden making world. This Sunday she will take an examination to get a licensees as a gardener.
So we eate stake to get stamina .

This restaurant was not too casual, not too formal, and not too noisy. We had a good time here.
Well well, what am I pursuing? 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tomomi's exhibition in Ginza

This week  my elder daughter is holding her individual exhibition. Fortunately she holds annual exhibition for  five or six years.
This time her works are not so big.
However this work is as tall as her height 145cm, (Yes, she is very short. One of the reasons when she won for the first time was "we can't believe such a short woman made such a big work")

These are small  works.
There are other works on display.
We wish "all" works would be sold, and we hope some works will be sold. (Is it a correct way to use wish and hope?)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

At home

Thanks to the typhoon or because of the typhoon, yesterday I stayed home all day without doing something.
I blended in some aroma oils and made up.
We used some aromas for softener, bug repellent, sweat, air fresher and swelling of foot (or aching muscle) .

After doing it, I take a bath with black salt and a kind of aroma oil.---

with facial mask.

And I tried to take a nap in the bed, however yesterday the big typhoon caused many cancels, it means some of my fries were "free", and they called me. So while I was in a bed, I was talking with friends on the phone --- probably for three hours. (two friends called me in turn.)
And because of typhoon Yuki went back very earlier from Tokyo.
So we had dinner together at home.
Today I'll go to Tokyo to see my daughter's individual exhibition  -- with these rice balls.
This summer I (or we) used money than I expected, so I "try" to save money without having lunch at Ginza.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Typhoon is coming, so I canceled visiting Tokyo.
Probably I'll go tomorrow. This week my elder daughter holds her individual exhibition in Ginza. And today Yuki is at Tokyo, so "we" were going to see her exhibition together. So we will see it each other.
On the other hand last Friday we went to GINZA to meet our young friend. He stayed with us here in Utsunomiya when he was young. He is Turkish. Three years ago he came to japan  to work, and this September he is going to go back to Turkey. We wanted him to stay with us again, but we had a happening, so we couldn't arrange  the schedule. So we went to see him in Tokyo.
We had dinner at a Turkish restraint in Ginza which he recommended.
It was the first time to have Turkish cuisine.
Do you know that Turkey is  the origin of yoghurt. In all dishes yoghurt is used very well as a secret ingredient.
Of course we had the typical dish "shish kebab".

And "I" enjoyed belly dance.

I've heard of the word "belly dance", however it was the first time to see it and to do it.
Thanks to him we had a good time in Ginza.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


It is the last day of our Obon vacation, and finally it is a usual Sunday.
Yuki went to golf. For him it is the first time to go golfing during this Obon vacation.
I made pre-cooked dishes for this coming week.
And I tried to weed -- but didn't do it. It's too hot. Anyway  I cleaned and dried this little pool.

I organized and cleaned all rooms, and relaxed with OKYU.

You see some rashes, it's not by OKYU. Every time I go to the garden mosquitoes bite me.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

one day vacation

Today, it is only day for us to do nothing. Tomorrow we are going to Tokyo to visit our friend.

Finally (if you are foreigners, probably it's hard to understand why I used the word finally. ) we had eel.

During summer on  Japanese calendar  we have eel-day once or twice. However this summer we missed the day and didn't eat eel yet.
So finally we ate eel. This eel is Japanese eel, not Chinese eel, so it's a little bit expensive.  So we had a luxury time today.

And while Yuki went practicing golf , I had 100-minute massage. What a wonderful time it was.

Well my power seems to come back -- a little.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Obon vacation

On 15 Thursday  my son-in-law's mother passed away. She was 67 years old. After my daughter married him three years ago, she had been caught by cancer. At that time she was told that she would have one year live, however she had fought cancer for three years. She lived in Sendain where it is 250 km north of Tokyo, alone. Her only son who is my son in-law and my daughter live in Tokyo. So, she fount cancer almost alone.

Her first grand daughter was giving her the power to live. And she ran a big beauty salon, it was also something to live. Actually until a week ago she was at her beauty salon.

Since Akari was born, she came to my house once a month, one reason was that my daughter visited her mother-in-law, but Akari always cried in the hospital, so I and sometimes my husband and I were taking care of Akari. Here Utsunomiwa is in the middle between Sendai and Tokyo.
Thanks to her we often saw Akari,

During this Obon vacation Akari had to stay with us for three days without her mother. Of course it was the first time for her. She made it. Sometimes she cried, but when I said 'mom was in hospital', she stopped crying.

The busy and sad week has almost finished. On the other hand thanks to her we had good time with Akari, though it was a little hard job.
I'm sorry for her loss.