Thursday, September 21, 2017

discarding 10 things 0918

Little by little the rooms are being organized. So I tend to discard tiny gadgets every week. They are too tiny to refresh my feeling. It means "we" started to organize the garden. I made some trees lower.
So there are three bags of 90l.

Next I started to search tiny gadgets as usual

I did this job three days ago. I was going to Tokyo, but since the typhoon came, the plan was postponed to next Monday. So I had enough time  in the evening after the typhoon has gone.
And now --- my left wrist hurts. The jog was too much for me.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

cooking 0918

Though I always keep rice, sometimes I really want to eat bread. Whenever I have such a feeling, usualy I don't keep bread. As you know I have HB, it takes more than 3 hours for HB to complete to bake bread. On the other hand I always keep pancake mix which is useful
to make something .When I want to eat bread, it means I don't want to something sweet.
I made two pieces of dough, and put lots of cheese one of them.


Finished. It took about 40 minutes.
While the oven was working, I started to make usual pre-cooked dishes for this week.

I could my bread and potato salad for my lunch.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Karaku in September

This lady who is reading is Ms.Ukai.
Coincidently I met her about -- three or four years ago. She used to belong to a professional theater company in Tokyo, and now she lives in Utsumoiya. She is still an actress in a theater company in Utsunomiya, and also works as MC of lots of events.
I'm a really lucky person to do perform with this professional player, even though I'm an armature.

 After this performance we had  usual sweets sweets.  The performance is not a job, considering this  sweets, our voluntary performance is a very high quality leasure. (Of course, the audience doesn't need to pay charge, just pay for their coffee and something. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

season word 0914 see fire

I don't know the phenomenon "sea fire" occurs in your country.
To tell the truth, I've heard the word SHIRANUI (sea fire), but I haven't see it, I didn't know about it.
This time I learned it occurs in Kyusyu area.

Though I'm not sure you can see the Japanese video, anyway I'll show a youtube site.

This is SHIRANUI festival.

What is shiranui?  Travle to Kyusyu,  during our retirement life,
What is shiranui?, lots of unknown words are left, keep studying

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Nowadays in Japan an old-fashioned way, or you can say, a natural way to clean is reconsidered.
It means to clean with baking soda, citric acid, or sodium per-carbonate instead of synthetic detergent.  I think the reason is that there are many kids and adults suffering from skin allergy.
The two of things such as baking soda, and citric acid "was" familiar when I was a child. They were in my house, and my grandmother's house.
Now, I try doing them sometimes.  I sometimes boil lids and pots with baking soda.

and I usually citric acid (with some aroma)  to soften clothes while the  washing machine is running.
Yuki some times show interest  in the old-fashioned way, because it sometimes works better than synthetic detergent, though he is not a naturalist.(I'm not sure the word of naturalist is an English word, anyway the word naturalist exists as a Japanese word.)
To remove hard water stain of  our bath sink (why hard? because it is very old) is usually Yuki's job, because we have to scrape it hardly, even though we use synthetic detergent, or baking soda paste.
And finally the between detergent  has appeared.

It consists of 5% citric acid and surface acting agent.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


These are pre-cooked dishes for this week.
This summer the price of summer vegetables were higher than usual because of that strange weather.
And-- while September comes, we see sunshine, and I get cucumbers from here and there.
How do you cook lots of cucumbers?
I fried them with sesame oil and ginger, and add some soy sauce to them to preserve them for a while
When I eat them, it's all right to eat them directly, or fry again with eggs, tomatoes, or anything else.

And I found a can of condensed milk which is almost expired.
So I simmered it with full of  hot water which always covers the whole can, for about 4 hours.

I made fresh caramel cream.
Of course we used them as a jam, but it seems too high calory to get it straight.

So I baked caramel & nuts cake.

Of course we had some for our breakfast, and served the rest of them the day before yesterday when some friends came to my house..

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lots of chores

Yesterday, I had lots of chores, why? Just I went out all the day the day before yesterday, but I had lots of things.

This Sunday Yuki and I attend the 27th anniversary of Yuki's father.

So I had to organize photos, budgets, my bags.
However the first job was to go to the bank.

Additionally suddenly a friend would come to talk with me about the event of the end of September in the afternoon.
So while in the morning I struggled with lots of things. What I could do is one thing at the same time  but my brain was thinking 3 things on the same time. It means yes, I seem to have enough power to lead some things.

Anyway the first event was done. Next event was to visit my father's grave with my mother.

And today, it is the day of Karaku, it means I play the piano for just 30 minutes at Karaku.
After the performing, I'm going to spend the rest of day loosely at Karaku.