Friday, December 09, 2016

Haiku in December

Did I tell you that -- coincidently I had a chance to get familiar with a used book shop owner. "She " also opens a private library there. So there I asked her to show and lend some of my English picture books. Once a month I visit her and put some seasonable picture books.
The shop is on the second floor, on the first floor there is a café where her husband runs.
So I got a new pleasure time to talk with them once a month having a nice coffee. Of course I love Kararku's coffee, too.

This is my corner at the book store.
Usually this book store and café opens in the evening, because both of them work in the daytime, and as their hobby? or their future work they run their bookstore and café.

The days are shorter
The moon rises earlier
Enjoy long night with hot ginger tee

At a silent winter night
With your favorite book
Stick inside my room

Green and red
Brings us a lot of excitement
In Shiwasu, another name of December

A tree of star cookies
Not only children but also elderlies
Love sweets and Christmas

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Quiz time!

Starting with making cards with adults, my Christmas month has started.

My students also made their (Christmas?? ) cards.

Let me explain more.
The card below  is made by a boy whose nick name is "haru",
So he wrote some words which relate his name and Christmas words.
H -- home, A-- Angel, R-- ribbon, and U -- unwrap.

quiz 1 Can you relate the alphabet of your name and Christmas words?

Next is the following picture.

kanji, and Hiragana parts must be difficult for people who don't know Japanese.

quiz 2  what is the suitable numbers.
pattern 1 4444---0 6666-4, 9999---4, so 8888--??
pattern 2 12--6, 6---3, 10---3, so 8----???

Why don't you try?
if you know some "simple" and "easy" quiz using numbers, please tell me.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Card craft

Yesterday's workshop met with success. All attendees seemed to enjoy it, though two people wasn't be able to come here.
Everybody contemplated their own Haiku. Haiku has one rule that it is necessary to take into only one seasonable word called kigo. Not two, not none.
During a long night
contemplate Haiku
Kudzuyu is a kigo.
From Wikipedia
Kuzuyu  is a sweet Japanese beverage produced by adding kudzu flour to hot water. It has a thick honey-like texture, and in color it appears pale and somewhat translucent. It is served in a mug or tea bowl. Kuzuyu is traditionally served as a hot dessert drink in the winter months.
I served this tree of star cookies.

For a while I enjoy Christmas for my friends and students!

Monday, December 05, 2016

Procrastinator vs precrastinater

The word "precrastinater" seems to be a current word which is opposed to procrastinater.
This weekend I attended Toast master meeting after a long interval.

I wasn't able to be there  he whole time, but I could join the time of table topicks.

This title is one of the table topic questions.  

Are you a procrastinator or a procrastinator ? and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

It is an interesting question, isn't it?

In my case, probably I'm definitely "prescrastinater".
It is attributed in part to  my job.
It is said preparation accounts for 80 percent of success of lessons or performances.
So anyway I usually start preparation for something as soon as possible.
However, I seem to be strict precrastinater.

Since I had suffered a bad disease for a few days before a big event and couldn't prepare enough for it, I have been a strict precrastinater.

On the other hand  I don't make eleventh-hour efforts.
Usually before an event I go to bed earlier without preparation more.
-- So some people say I judge too early whether I can do or not.

So this is my favorite phrase "it can't be helped"


Sunday, December 04, 2016

Epsom salt again

Were you interested in my blog about Epsom salt?
My friend, who introduced my Epsom salt , sent this photo.

Too perfect. It's adult craft, isn't it???

OK, OK, I'll try to do more.
This morning I replaced some aroma bottles.

These are used  as my bath aroma, refresher at our toilets, and prevention from cold.

So some aroma bottles got empty.

I covered three empty aroma bottle  which kept smell  with Epsom salt.

Friday, December 02, 2016

A little bit broken roll cake

This is our breakfast. I called it "Yellow breakfast".
Pumpkin soup, yoghurt with mango sauce, and " a little bit broken roll cake" which I made and rolled .
Yesterday it was a birthday of my student who was going to come. So I prepared it for her. However unfortunately she cancelled the lesson.
I've already prepared ingredients,  and just the last step of rolling was left. That part was the most difficult.
I didn't want the ingredients such as baked sponge cake, whipped cream.
So I rolled it by myself this morning.
Now cold seems to go around finally.
Since yesterday my voice has been hoarse. And-- today I have a slight headache.
I'll go to visit a doctor this morning.
I made an appointment to the doctor on the net, and now there 16 people on the waiting list.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Epsom salt

My friend introduced "Epsom salt".
I thought all of them are imported.
No, we have domestic Epsom salt. Before she introduced it to me I hadn't known it.
After I knew it, I researched it. Now it seems to be very popular, as "bath salt" and "aroma world".
And --- there are various way to use it as crafts.
So I tried to use it.
Next week I'll organize a meeting to make cards with Haiku poets. I made my card.

Not so bad.
And for my kids student, I "experimented" with the use of microwave oven.
In this case we don't need glue. --- sometimes (no often) using glue makes the room, tables, chairs, etc very messy.