Saturday, September 29, 2007


This spring I planted GOYA, and I got some GOYA. GOYA is usually grown in OKINAWA, and it is famous for the really bitter taste. Actaully I don't like it very much, but I heard it was good for our health and easy to grow, so I planted.

This summer my husband and I have had GOYA & yoghurt juice almost every morning. Though the taste was really bitter, but the vivid green juice looked really healthy.

A friend said ripe GOYA is not so bitter.So I waited some GOYA to be ripe.

The usual green GOYA is hard, but the ripe GOYA is really soft.

I made GOYA tempura with gree peppers.

Unexpectedly or as my friend said, it was not so bitter , proper bitter taste. Even my daughter was willing to eat it.

This summer we really enjoyed "GOYA". Thanks "GOYA".

I don't like gardening very much, and I'm not good at gardening.BUT this time we could get ripe goya because I did gardening. Growing vegetables in the garden might be add to the list of my hobbies.

Japanese pears

We call PEARS in English LA.France, and we call Japnese pears just "pears", though it is usual. We have lots of kinds of Japanese pears. When I was a child, my family lived in SHIMANE, so "NIJYUSSEIKI" pears used to be usual pears, and we moved to KANAGAWA. Here, "CYOUJYURO" pears used to be usual pears. And now I'm in TOCHIGI. From the late of August to the begining of November we enjoy various pears. The first pears are called "Kousui". And now we enoy these pears; from the left "Nansui", "Housui", "Akizuki".

Everything is delicious and of couse all of them have little bit different tastes.

Though it is just my thought, "Nansui" is really sweet, "Housui" has lots of mosture, and "Akizuki" reminds me the taste of "MIJYUSSEIKI" which I used to eat when I was a child. It has plain taste.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Going out --with my yougner daugher

My elder daughter and I tend to show the same interest though we often have quarrels. On the other hand my yougner daughter and I tend to have different interest. But I want her to take there. So I showed this brochure. according to expectation she showed an interest.

She loves Asain taste. And this artist is influenced a lot from Mexico. Asain taste and Mexican taste seeims to be differnet but I thing something is common.

The art itself is wonderful. But AKIRA, the artist is really strange carrer, if I dare to say he used to be a hippie. My daughter tend to yearn such a unprecedented or fantastic or strange world. So I don't want her to be influenced by him. On the other hand I want know her there is one life.

Anyway she enjoyed this exhibition. And I also enjoyed. After that we have a good lunch. Compared with my elder daughter, she is a still obedient child even though she is a adolescence.

Additionaly, I also went out with my husband --- to golf shop. For me it was a little bit boring. it can't be helped.

Going out --with my elder daughter

This weekend I went to MITO with my elder daughter. Though I didn't know that, in Mito there is a famous art museum, "Art tower Mito".
It seems to be produced by the famous conducter "Seij Ozawa". Do you know of him?
Anyway we went there to see a exhibition of HIBINO KOZUE.
She seems to be famous as a fashion designer. And these days she started to produce funitures and kitchen tools through her housewife situation. And in the same time a dance performance was done. The dancer was KAIJI MORIYAMA, he also seems to be famous among the youth like my daughter.
Unfortunately I didn't know both of them, but I could really enjoy the exhibition and the performance.
BUT, did you remeber who I went with there? yes with my daughter.
Each time I said a comment, she said "You are middle aged woman (OBASAN)". She doesn't like my comments. Everything I said seems to hear negative for her.
For example, there was a cute bag. But the bottom was made by felt. The color is really vivid and cute. But I thought "felt is easy to be unkempt". ( I don't know how to say in English, felt is easy to rugged by static electricity??.)
My daughter said "if you want to say some negative comments, at least after negative comments you should say positive comments".
Why I was been lectured by her??
She also said "it can't be helped because you are gettin older."
It is difficult to go with my adult child. Though I could went a good place, I was often irritated ( and my daughter was also irritated.)
But now I'll miss her!

Going out ---with my friend

I went to listen to a lecture with a friend. The lecture was done by a pictuer book writer. Her major is not art, not literature. Her major is Spanish. But she has liked drawing. One day she asked to draw a picture on the menu when she worked a part time job at a restaurant. And her life as a picture writer has started.
She is not still so famous, but a little by little she is getting famous in this area. To be surprised she has lived nearby.
Her original chracter is this bare boy?. She said her baby gave her a lots of hint to draw pictures. So she decided this bare boy as her original character. I bought this new calendar with the character and simple phrases.
My favorite words in this calender is "enjoy change".
Going out with friends is really enjoynable. we could spend a really calm and elegant time in fine clothes.

my garden --not so good

The change of current temperature is sever, though it' s in fall. Today it is a calm day. Yesterday it was really cold like early winter, and before three days it was like summer. Though I planted some seeds and seedlings in the garden, they are not growing well.
The only fine vegetables are GOYA. (Well, green peppers are also fine, these days we don't need to buy green peppers.) This summer we (it means my husband and I, my daughter "hates" it) had enough GOYA.
I planted some broccolies, but they are not growing well.
And I planted seeds of spinach, finally they begin to sprout.
Can I get some homemade vegetables this fall???

Saturday, September 08, 2007

What big eels are they!

Today's dinner is "eels". I'd wanted to have Japanese eels. And this morning a friend sent them.

Japanese eels are expensive. Though we can buy Chinese eels for reasonalbe price, I'm little bit afriad to buy them because of these days bad reputation of food additives.

The friend lives in KYUSYU region. Though Hamamtsu in Kantou is famous for eels, the region of KYUSYU has the most eels rop in Japan. So in her area eating Japanese domestic eels seems to be usual.

On the other hand this area where I live is famous for GYOZA, so many people eat GYOSA usually than other areas, I think.

I love eels. I'm really glad to get Japanese big eels. Thank you!!!

Well these eels are already cooked, so what I have to do is just "chin" ; I put them in the microwave.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Northern Europe exhibition

At a art museum in this area Northen Europe exhibition was being held. My daughter and I went to see it.
What kinds of things do you imagine when you hear "Northern Europe"?
Probably the most typical thing is "Moomin".
Actaully my daughter was looking forward to seeing Moomin things.
But unfortunately there was not so many.
Instead of them, there were lots of chair we can sit directly.
Our cuntry "Japan", it is a culture of TATAMI, on the other hand Europe it is a culture of chairs, isn't it?
It was really fun.
And I could see many pottery, I like pottery.
I thought their white is clear white, and Japanese white is a little vague, isn't it?
They like clear straight lines, and aboutJapanese pottery probabbly we tend to use curves, don't we?
It was also fun.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Young Leaves sticker

They are called "WAKABA" stickers. "WAKABA" means young leaves.

This weekend my elder daughter came back to stay with us and to drive.

This summer vacation she took driver's license lessons, and finaly she got a driver's license.

Beginner drivers have to put these stickers on the frond and back of the car when they drive.

They are her stickers.

This week end she gave us a ride (or we can say my husband and I supervised her drive sitting next to her.)

The drive was thriling and slow but not so dangerous.

Anyway we could spend family weekend after a long interval.