Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 2008

January; My elder daughter's 20 years old celebration. She wore my FURISODE (special KINOMO).

February; probably nothing special, usual calm days.

March; my daughter's graduation ceremony. Anyway until this month there were 3 members in my house.

April; New life started. While I was free from making lunchbox for my daughter, preparing meals got troublesome, especially for my only lunch and supper. So I decided to make a kind of meal box( not only for lunch, for lunch and supper) for myself early morning --- but ---(don't ask me.)
May; I planed to hold a concert in summer.
I started to take English pronounce practice lessons once a week in TOKYO.
An American lady came to stay with us.

June; I suffered from "big" tooth trouble.

July; I started to read English picture books at a nearby library once every other month.
August; My first 'big' music concert was done.

September;---nothing special??? My mother-in-law moved to a senior center, so most of weekends we went to TOKYO, or she came to stay with us.

October; three Mongolian girls came to stay with us.
November;Another music concert on Christmas was asked.
I'm suffering from slight fever and toothache.
Teaching English at a nearby elementary school started (not every day)

December --this month;
Christmas concert was done.
Reading picture books at a nursery school as a Christmas event was done.
Teaching English at a nearby elementary school was almost done. ( I'm going to go there twice in January)
And yesterday my usual lessons in this year were done.

The things we have to do or we should do are cleaning, and making something for New Year's meal using these vegetables (My friends gave me).
Additionally another friend gave me "dried persimmons".

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Surpring Christmas Dinner

Yesterday, it was Christmas Eve. On my schedule I was going to spend the night alone. I though it couldn't be helped.
But, my husband came back straight here from his business trip. At Tokyo Station, he called me,
"Now I'm at Tokyo Station, do you want something for Christmas dinner?"
So I asked him
"we need chicken and cake"
a few minutes later he called again
"it was really crowded, and if I wait for line, next bullet train is 1 hour later"
So I said
"OK, buy them at our station"
one hour later he called again
"Every cake shop is crowded, and Ken**** is also crowded, is it OK to buy chicken at Lo****?"
So I said
"No problem, so buy cake at a nearby supermarket"
a few minutes later he called again
"In this super market Christmas cake is not dealt, is it OK to buy usual pieces of cake"
So I said
" No problem, it is better to use much money, small pieces of cakes are enough for us".
And he came back , we had a small party together. It has been 21 years since we spent Christmas together.

Additionally, though the cake cost not so expensive, so he bought his favorite SAKE instead of giving change to me.
And today , it is Christmas Day. I have lesson at night. 4 junior high school students are going to come. Now I'm wondering whether I buy discounted Christmas cake at a supermarket for them .

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas week starts

From today, each kids is able to take back their own pinata with lots of presents to home.
Each of them doesn't know what snack or gadgets or ornaments are inside. It is fun.
On the other hand, we are making Christmas cards.
Some kids don't like drawing, so I suggested them "cut some illustrations or photos on leaflets and put them on the card".
Girls' cards are cute, and boy's cards are fulled with presents that they want.
So the boys write (I wish) "Many Presents" on the card instead of "Merry Christmas"
It has no problem.
Meedings of reading picture books at nursery schools, and a liblary were done.
Musci concert was done.
I have only one big job this year. My lesson at home is going to be finished next Friday.
I'll enjoy these 7 days with kids!

Monday, December 15, 2008

One of big jobs is finished.

Yesterday we had a concert, and thanks of everyone it was a success ( I think).

Everyone llistened to us eagerly, and when I tell a short story to them, sometimes I saw them laughing.

There were some kids, so I read and sang "Jingle Bells". A kid said "in this book, not reindeer, a horse pulled sleigh."

This comment made me surprised. And I noticed that the song of "Jingle Bells" is consider to be a song for Santa coming on his sleigh pulled by reindeer.

What do you thing of it?

Anyway one of big jobs is finished. Another big job for me is to go to an elementary school to teach English next week.

When both of them are finished --- my winter vacation is going to start. It means I'm also busy as a mother and a daughter-in-law.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

We are waiting

We are waiting for your ?????.

Who are "we"? We are apple pinatas.

You can see lots of apple pinatas. They are not big UMEBOSHI (Japanese sour apricots), not TAKOYAKI (popular snack for kids), they are apples.

Most of students made their own pinatas (some students are not yet because they have a cold so absent from last classes.) Now the pinatas are waiting for something little presents. Until next week every student are going to bring something and put them into each pinatas. And they are going to bring their own pinatas on Christmas as a present.
Another thing is also waiting --- for spring. The other day one of my friends sent me some turip bulbs. I put them into a planter. Yes they are also waiting for spring.
And still now I have been a cold. but not so bad. I'm also waiting for spring.
I'm really bad at coldness.
But, winter vacation is just around corner. During the winter vacation there are four members in this house, though only 5days.