Monday, April 27, 2009

This weekend

This weekend, it was "really" cold for me. So I was suffering from headaches almost for all two days. It can't be helped because I have a migraine.
So I took medicine, and relaxed at home.

My husband went to rental a DVD, that I really wanted to see.
The Japanese title is OKURIBITO, it won a prize at eh Cannes File Festival.
The English title is Departure

I think it has a Japanese way of looking at things, I'm not sure you (foreigners) accept the thinking way. But if you are interested in Japan a little, please try to see it.

While I was seeing this movie, I bit some strawberries that my friend grew, and ship coffee with added coffee liqueur.

Well, now, of course it's spring. I got two kinds of wild plants (SANSAI) that are KOGOMI and SHIRAKI. And I also got SHIMEJI mushrooms. Spring is the season for SANSAI. I made SANSAI spaghetti.
Next month, I talk about colors to kids.
What do you describe about the color of water? clear? colorless? transparent? white? aqua? light blue?



Friday, April 24, 2009

Enjoy my life -2-

Today, it is Friday, I'm fine.

In my garden, some flowers are open unobtrusively. Strawberries, Borage, or something. Some kids don't know that flowers of strawberries open in spring. They believe they open in winter, because they eat strawberries cake on Christmas.

Do you know that in TOCHIGI prefecture the domestic products of the strawberry is the top. A farmer who is our acquaintance, work hard in winter and earn the most money of his living expenses in winter and spring. In summer, I don't know where he is. In fall he prepares soil, green houses, and etc.

Yesterday I got this kind of chlorate from a friend who came back from HAWAII. It is the first time to eat KISS chocolate with Macadamia nuts. It's yummy! Have you ever eaten it? Can I buy it in Japan? My friend said it is limited edition in Hawaii. Is it right?

Well, in Japan 100-yen shops are really familiar in our life. The other day I went to one of them, and though I know we can buy most of things there, I was surprised again at seeing these things. I didn't know that we could buy even such display-goods at 100 yen shop. I've wanted these things to make reading picture time more fun. But unfortunately I couldn't find one thing. So I made (sewed) it using a towel and something. Can you guess what I made. It is the roughest. But sewing is fun -- if I do a few times.
Well, I have a question.
Yesterday I tried to solve a question with my students.
I did it, but --- I'm not sure the reason.
Q: Read each clue below. Draw a line to the letters that sound like the correct answer.
I borrowed some money from your piggy bank. --- fifty cents.
A: I owe fifty cents. -- answer is IOU
This math is not hard. It's ----.
A: It's easy. ---answer is EZ
What did the blind man say to the doctor who made him see again? ----
A. I can't see you.--- answer is ICU
What insect makes honey? ---
A. a bee --- answer is AB
What a Plains Indian used to sleep in? ---
A. Tepee --- answer is TP
I drank all my milk. Now my glass is ----.
A. Now my glass is empty. answer is MT
What kind of plant is that?---
A. Ivy---answer is IV.
Is it right?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Enjoy my life

How many times do you laugh when you talk with your kids in a day? or if you don't have kids how many times do you laugh in a day?

Today I had a chance to talk with AKIHIRO, who is famous as a book-reader and is also called "boor doctor". According to him, in Sweden mothers laught more than 100 times, it means for kids in Sweden, mothers are always laughing or smiling. In Japan, probably kids think mothers often five them a flown. When I went to school on parent's days, I was often "warned" by my friends, saying "smile". I must have stared at my daughters fixedly. Well, these days mothers are often "asked" (not warned) by a teachers, saying "please be quiet".

People who are laughing naturaly always attract people naturaly. Mothers who are laughing are easy their kids to become calm.
And laughing makes yourself calm and bring an enjoynable life.

In my daily life I most spend alone, so "laughing" must be a little bit difficult, but "smiling" is not difficult--- probably.

The other day I bougt another kind of liqueur.

Now a big flower is open.

I say to me, "enjoy my life".

Monday, April 13, 2009


Are you interested "salt"? I'm interested salt a little. Japanese salt, Italian salt, herb-salt, -- I sometimes choose salt according the meal, like Japanese food, Italian food, or the cooking way like sauteed , simmer.

The other day I bout Russian crystal salt. What meal is suitable to this salt? The grain is really big.

Well these days it has been warm, thought according the weather report, from Wednesday it will become cold. Some flowers are blooming as usual spring. I don't know the name of flowers. But when I see, "Oh, spring has come as usual" I think and I'm satisfied.

Well, though we went to see cherry brossomes last week, the life is really short. the patels are alreay fall to the ground. Instead of cherry brossomes, we can see KOINOBORI. I put the picture on the wall. Golden Week holidays is just around the corner. This year we have no specail plans. My friends are going to come.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Cherry blossoms

Here is Japan, of course. And now cherry trees are almost in full bloom, here and there.

Here and there cherry blossoms' festivals are held. There are many food stalls. baked corn stalls are really popular. We've never bought them for my daughters though they had always wanted.

Why? I've always told them " they use frozen corn, so not delicious. And it's not a season for corn". (The true reason was they were expensive.)

This time probably it was the first time to go seeing cheery blossoms with only my husband and me. When we were young couple, we would go there with friends and hold a party. Sine we had children, it changed to a family event.

Seeing cheery blossoms recall us of being Japanese.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The first Sunday at home in April

Today, it is Sunday, and usual Sunday for me.
My husband and I got up later and had branch, --- pancake with pepper cheese, strawberry with fresh cream, and home-made yogurt. I baked pancake by flour and Muesli. It is good. Useing Muesli is intereseting.

My husband went out, I started gardening. I put some herb seedlings: lemon grass, some kinds of sage, camoile, and thyme. I found rhubarb coming out.

Last night we tried to go seeing cheery brossomes, but it was raining. Now we'll go again in the evening.
And today's dinner's menu is, grilled tuna (useing the part above the gill) , simmered bamboo-shoots, and brown rice. It is "Japanese".
We are enjoying our Sunday.

Friday, April 03, 2009

April has started

April has started, so my lessons also have started. Yesterday a woman came to take my lesson.--the first lesson in this term. It was a "cooking lesson" instead of an English lesson.

We made appetizer of brie cheese, tortellini salad, and strawberry pie with sour cheese.
It was fun.
I like reading new recipe, but seldom make new things. Because I cant' imagine the taste.
This time I learned the taste, the ingredients, and the way. So I did.

Thanks Jan.
Introducing my experience in your city is continued for a while.
I enjoyed to prepare for the trip before visiting you, and enjoyed there with you, and even now I'm enjoying.

Now cherry blossoms starts to broom. This weekend we are going to go somewhere to see cherry blossoms