Monday, February 01, 2010


Now February has started. It is getting colder and colder,and start raining. According to the weather report, tonight it "is going to" snow. I hope, it won't snow stay around, this winter our cars don't "wear" snow tires yet.

In Japan the first event in February is SETSUBUN. The day is not holiday, but probably in school lunch beans will be served, though I don't know kids like them or not.
The other day Yuki got this set at a gas station.
At least more than 100 beans are in the bag, so for us the set is enough.

The next event for me was supposed to go to a kindergarten on this Saturday, where my daughters graduated from. But the day was changed into next Tuesday, so unfortunately I can't go because of my work. When my younger daughter graduated from the kindergarten, they buried a time capsule in which they put their favourite things. And all kids became 20 years old, it is the time to dig it up. Unfortunately most of them including kids can't go because of being a weekday, so some mothers will go to dig it up, and later we will open it with kids, their mothers and fathers. I'm looking forward to a big kindergarten class reunion.

Well, finally I almost complete to adjust this new computer. It works much faster than the old one, though it is why I bought this new one. But unfortunately some my favorite HP site address has gone. I'm waiting for your comments.

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