Friday, January 08, 2010

lull before the storm

Though it is the big title, it is a suitable title to express my feeling. An exhibition will start tomorrow, my elder daughter will show her works there. Until March, she is going to show her works at three exhibitions.
After that, she graduates from the art college, and --- unfortunately she doesn't get official job offer yet. Now she accepts her current situation positively, it means she doesn't become an office lady. She will go to an illustrator school while she will work part time job. I wanted her to have stable life, but-- it can't be helped. "Thanks of" business depression, she decided to pursue her art world. Now what I can say to her is "Let's try what you can".

Well, this Monday is "Coming-of-Age" day. My younger daughter is going to attend the ceremony that is held on Sunday. So she is going to come home again with my mother-in-law.
-- So, today's title is "lull before the storm"
Now she goes to a college to study architectural design, and also she studies (or works, because sometimes she get some money) at an architect's office. I don't know in which field she will work, but studying at the office seems to give her lots of things. In this depression, it is lucky for her to get such a opportunity. (And it is true, when her teacher in the college heard about this job, he was really surprised, and said "you are lucky")
Both of my daughters live their own life without me.


Tim Frost said...

Congratulations to T for the art exhibition!

Congratulations to M for becoming an adult!

And congratulations to the other M on her birthday. I'm sorry my wishes have come a few days too late.

I hope you enjoy a busy house again for a short time.

Anonymous said...

Tim, Happy New Year, and I'm really happy to get your message, yes January 6th is my birthday.

In my family, Tomomi's birthday is January 4th, and January 1st,2nd and 3rd are New Year's cerebraion days in Japan.
So in my family we don't focus Tomomi's and my birthdays, but nobody forget our birthdays, on the other hand Yuki's birthday tends to be eclipsd by usual busy days.(I'm not sure this expression is correct, but the feeling is sutable.)
Well, tis computer is too old to be stable, especailly sound system is not stable.

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you...and Tomomi, as well! Jan

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jan. How's the weather? Yesterday, I thought we would have snow, but fortunately we didn't have. Now here and there we here the word of "gloval warming", but anyway it is a cold winter (probably than last winter)