Monday, January 11, 2010

The storm? or the event? was finnished.

Now I'm alone in this horse as usual. My mother-in-law and my younger daughter went back to Tokyo, Yuki went to work.

The ceremony of the Coming-of-Age day was finished with fun.
Well, Megumi gave bought a card, it was the New Year Card of her office.
The members of this office won a prize in a architecture design competition. To be surprised, Megumi's name is on the list. (So she brought this card, and the photo was taken by her.) Megumi and Tomomi's characters are completely different, Megumi is afraid to get lots of attention and expectation, so Yuki and I are just watching her.
On the other hand Tomomi steps forward getting attention.
Well, on the day of the Coming-of-Age day, who was the busiest person?
Probably Yuki was. He was a perfect chauffeur, he said "I was busier and more tired than usual working days (because of unusual work)." So I said "You should be proud of this role, because you have daughters.) Actually the parents who have only son, are not so busy. He took her to a beauty salon early morning, and picked her up to home, at noon he went to buy SUSHI, in the afternoon he took her to a place where the cereomony was held, and while the ceremony, he took his mother to some places, and picked her up at the time when the ceremony was finihsed. And he took her mother to the statioin. As soon as he went back to home he took her to a place where the party was held. While the party we had dinner out side, and he picked her up at the time when the party was finished.
Well, usual day in 2010 has started.

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