Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine!

This week all students made a balloon card with a lottery ticket, and today I got a wonderful package from U.S.A with lots of awards. I didn't prepare the awards to students who would draw the first prize. Tomorrow we are going to go to YOKOHAMA, so I was going to get something there. What a coincidence! I got wonderful awards to students and wonderful Valentine.

And another coincidence happened, in the package we got "special" ingredients. The ingredients are suitable to bagels that I bought this week at a special store.

These days bagels become popular in Japan. But among kids they are not so popular.
But in their English picture dictionary ( organised by my franchise English school company) there is a photo of bagels. In this picture dictionary, there are some interesting foods, Jelly beans, biscuits, and pretzels. I served Jelly Beans in summer, and served pretzels in fall, and "biscuits" can be got by KFC, so the last food was "bagels". So I served bagels this week with sweet cream cheese.
And some bagels were left for Yuki, probably he cannot have known bagels. Even though he has seen bagels, he considers them just as bread.
For today's supper I made spacial beagle sandwiches.

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