Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Week

This week in my lesson we make a Valentine craft, the craft is --- heart balloon card.
Inside of them we put a lottery ticket, the red triangle sheet.
When the balloons go down, or are broken , and they open the tickets, and "if" they found the sign of first prize, I'll give"special" chocolate to them instead of "giri - choco" (obligation chocolate).

In Japan, though I often write about Japanese Valentine, women present chocolate to lovers with love, and to friends to show their thanks, to co-workers ( or husbands ) as a custom (or out of sense of social obligation)

Well, I've already send some sweets to my "friends" to show my grate "thanks", not "giri".

This Sunday, my family and my mother are going to go to YOKOHAMA to see my elder daughter's works that won a prize, and after that we are going to go to China town to eat Chinese food.
Our favorite Chinese restaurant is here.
I hope it will be fine day.

Oops, I found a spelling errors on a balloon. It's my fault as a teacher.

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