Monday, March 22, 2010

Anyway I did walking today.

As you know (probably), I don't like doing any sports. And I know it is the reason why I have a weak constitution. I'm afraid of being tired because it seems to take up my power of having lesson from evening to night, it is an exaggerated expression though.

Now I have no lesson this week, I have nothing to be afraid. So I "have to" do some sport to keep or improve my health. So today "anyway" I did walking.
Why I added "anyway" was -----
As soon as I finished my morning daily routine (cooking, washing, cleaning, checking e-mails, etc), I started to "prepare" for walking. First I recorded some English radio programs into my MP3 recorder. Next I looked for a sunscreen. About 30 minutes already passed. I opened the entrance door, and started walking. Then I met my neighbor next to door. We talked "for a while". And finally I started walking.

Though I wore grasses, it was a little bit windy, so pollens attacked on my eyes. My eyes were watering during my walking, so I gave up walking for a long distance. And actually it was almost at noon. In the afternoon I had something to do, mainly preparing for lessons in April.
And now I'm writing this dairy. I hope walking wouldn't not give up easily, not quit after three days, tomorrow in the morning some friends will come so that I will not able to do walking.


Nana said...

aa~~ mieko-san..
the pictures is so beautiful!!
is it spring already..? ^^

Mieko said...

Here in Utsunomiya, spring is around the corner. Buds of cherry blossomes are sweeling, probaly next week they are going to bloom.