Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter eggs, and White day

This week is the last week of my lesson in this fiscal year.
So students take spring homework, new materials, and "the egg".

Do you remember a photo of eggs rapped with stockings?
And some students requested "where's sweets? where's a real food?"So I decided to make another Easter eggs using boiled "real" eggs.
I told to Yuki that the breakfast in this week is always with a boiled egg.
To tell the truth, I don't like a boiled egg much, it's dry, isn't it?

I like egg sandwiches, but to make egg sandwiches one boiled egg is not enough. (I boil about ten eggs for my students every day in this week.)

Well, do you know what the day of March 14 is called in Japan? It is White Day.
Yesterday I went to KARAKU to play the piano, and I got handmade orange marmalade, and wonderful HASAMI plate.

Last night we had snow, it's really cold today. But I enjoy March.

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