Monday, March 08, 2010


HIKIDEMONO means thank-you-for-coming gifts, is it right?
The other day Yuki attend a wedding party of his subordinate. And he came back home with HIKIDEMONO.

There were three boxes.
KATSUOBUSHI is considered as a kind of good luck charm, so I thought One of box would be KATSUOBUSHI. It's half true. The box is UDON and KATSUOBUSHI. When we saw it, we reminded that the prefecture he went to was famous for UDON. What a fancy way! You can see Udon curled into hart shape.

And the thick black thing is a gift catalog. Well, well, what should "I" choose instead of Yuki?????
Unfortunately they don't have a page for tennis goods, a page for music instruments, and a page for golf goods page.
So this is my catalog book.


Anonymous said...

Here in the USA, we call them "FAVORS" which means a small gift, token or souvenir of an occasion such as weddings, birthday parties, luncheons, etc. It is one of the many definitions of "favor" but is generally used with "giving." Jan

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time,,,,no, no it's joking. "When I was young", or "When my mother was young", a bag of HIKIDEMONO was really huge. In some area, like Nagoaya, a bag is till huge, though.
These days it becomes simple.
One reason book catalogs become populer, so the main thing isn't big. And another main thing was food, but pepole favors will vary, so, it chagnes simple sweet.
And under this depression, no-host parties become popule, in this case HIKIDEMONO is in a small bag.