Saturday, March 06, 2010

Last two weeks

My lessons of this (fiscal) year is the end by next week. So this week is the craft week of Easter.We made felt eggs, now I'm drying them,I hope all of them are "wonderful" and "perfect" felt eggs.

Well, the other day I went to "GINZA" in Tokyo on (a kind of) business. "Shinjyuku", "Harajyuku", "Shibuya" and "Roppongi" are probably famous for foreigners, on the other hand "GINZA" is a little higher ranked town for "middle" aged Japanese people. (or it might be better to describe "Ginza used to be ---" ).

Even when I lived in Tokyo , I seldom went to GINZA. When I went to Ginza probably with my mother or my grand mother, they took me to Shiseido Parlour. There was an old gentleman having some sweets alone, and the server was a middle aged man. The scenery was really suitable to the tearoom. I was there with my friend, and we said "If our husbands had been here .........."

There we had tea, but I wanted to coffee additionally, but we had no enough time to enter another tea room. Suddenly we saw a sign "free cafe".What??? Free??? in GINZA??????

Can you guess where it was? It was a free cafe with rice crackers organized a famous rice crackers shop. It was crowded with middle aged men and women. This scenery is another face of Ginza.

Anyway one event was done. Next Sunday I have another big event. And .. this (fiscal) year will be finished. What happens in the next (fiscal) year?

I can't wait for coming May. This year, May is special year for me.


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