Monday, March 01, 2010

March has come

It is Monday, and March has started. My 2009 lessons are almost finished. Some students graduated from my class. "Congratulations!".
And some new students will join us in April. "Welcome!"

This season many people seem to be restless.
And these days the earth seems to be restless, too.
Big earthquakes, Tsunami, What is going to happen on the earth?

I don't know which way our government want to go?
I don't know what influence we'll suffer on the diplomatic front -- Toyota cars problem, U.S military base.
On the other hand in the domestic affairs, the tuition of public high schools is going to be free, and our government is going to pay parents a child allowance. Unfortunately I don't get any profit. I know many students and many parents are glad.

But seniors are left somewhere. A friend came to my house today, and said "Fortunately we found another hospital to accept our mother."
The lack of numbers of senior nursery centers are one of important problem, but I think it's to difficult for the government to discuss .
I just hope "public" senior nursery centers should increased more.

Well, Well, on the previous blog , I mentioned about audience materials.
Are you interested in Japanese classical stories?
I found a NHK WORD RADIO PROGRAM. Here, you can listen a short story of "This Child" written by Higuchi Ichiyou. To tell the truth, I didn't know the story. And for me, it was a little bit to understand the story in English. So I bought a paper book written in "modern " Japanese. The original is written by "Classical" Japanese, and it is more difficult to understand it than simple English.
This Listening Library section is going to finish in the next month.

So I have a question. Do you know that each KANJI (or HIRAGANA) of Japanese person's name has meaning. For example Mieko, my name, is written with three Kanji --Mi, means beauty, E, means full and Ko means a girl.
So when Japanese people hear the name of Mieko, everybody understands that the person is a girl(or a woman) and her parents wish their girl will become a beautiful girl.

Now I try to translate two boys name into English.
One is "Shokichi", "Sho" means honest, and "Kichi" means a boy. So I want to name the boy "Honest ****", How about "Honest Jack"?
The other is "Usokichi", "Uso" means a lie. How about Lair Peter?
I'm happy to get some ideas.


Anonymous said...

There was a program on TV today that said Japan's economy was very bad...almost as bad as Greece. It is predicted the Japanese economy may collapse. The economy here in the US is not good, either. The program said the Japanese debts are "internal"...not owing to other countries. But, it makes me wonder why the Japanese government would give money to families for children? It will just mean more debt. Is it money paid to parents or is it in the form of tax deductions? Is it to encourage people to have more children? More population means more schools and other services...equals more debt. Do you have some information? Jan

Anonymous said...

After reading my comments, some people think "Japanese people are peace stoupers" or "Japanese people seem to lack of sense of crysis" though, I dare to write my comment.
I don't know( or not investigate) the strategies of our government.
But the system of allowance of dependent seems to be abolished. The age at which pensions are payable seems to be postphoned.
They mean that the gorvenment promote us to work harder and longer.
Actaully for some people, working is a delightful thing, if they are healthy and have enough time to enjoy their hobbies or something. Japanese people especailly the middle aged or old people like to work.
I know working is necessary.No work No pay.
But .....
Anyway what I know is, our allowance of dependant (to two of my daughters, and my youngter daughter is a still student) is cut, so we have to pay more tax.