Friday, March 19, 2010

My spring vacation

My fiscal year is finished. I made a declaration for last year, though I wouldn't have needed it because my income was not much last year.

Until next week I'm in the spring vacation, no lessons, and nothing special. Usually I go to TOKYO or meet some friends, but this time, "nothing".
And my husband will be not here in Japan.
I'm alone. What will I do????

Clean the house???? Jan, sorry, I try to do it only a little.
First I 'll classify the books,and make the book list.
Next I 'll start walking regularly.

Since my two daughters left home approximate two years passed. Since then I didn't need to take them somewhere by car, to cook constantly for them including daily lunchbox. So I got lots of "free" or "my " time.
But I didn't get used to free time, free time made boring, and I felt guilty.
So I re-started some volunteer activities, and try to organize a grope, and to improve my skill I went to Tokyo once a week.
And now I'm a little feeling out of breath.

I was got after by myself to do something if I didn't earn money more.
Everybody around me seems to like to say "I'm busy".
Yes, actually they are busy.
Even my mother, and my mother-in-law say "I'm busy".

"Busy", this word is not bad. On the other hand, "Slow" life is not bad either.


Anonymous said...

Being home and having personal time is a true luxury in today's world. Don't feel guilty! So many people envy you not having to get up early to get to work and trying to manage a house and family at the same time. They would trade places without hesitation.
Sometimes it is easier to SAVE money at home than EARN money in the workplace, especially for women. Jan

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, thanks for your comments.
Well if someone around me envied me, I wouldn't feel guilty. Here 'busy" is meaningful.

Well, these days Yuki and my common "hobby" is to find restaurants including junk food restaurants where we would like to take you.
There are many many restaurnts like Japananised curry , Japanised steak, Japanised Koreadn food, Japanised humburger (not Macdonald)-- "Unfortunately" it seemes that I don't have chance to cook something for you, it's a joke though.

Anonymous said...
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Mieko said...

To lady
Thank you for your comments, but I'm sorry I can't read it, the characters are garbled.