Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jan visiting Mieko

Hello to Miekos friends...This is Jan from South Carolina visiting Mieko and Yuki. This is my second visit to their home in four years. They both came to South Carolina last spring to stay in our home so we are good friends. My last trip was as a tourist but this time I came to be a part of their family and daily life. Today Mieko and I are going to the children:s center to read English picture books to two groups of small children and then will meet some of the people I met four years ago for dinner. She is very dedicated to introducing young children to English by reading and making it fun an exciting for them. We have an interesting schedule the rest of the week, seeing how Japanese people work and live...teaching in the university, on a farm, at a pottery factory. Mieko and Yuki have bought many news items for all of us to try at meals and we are having great fun tasting new things. The weather is warm and the late spring flowers are in full bloom. It is a beautiful area and I am happy to be here. Jan

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