Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jan went back to America

I'm afraid that just only twice she wrote my diary during her staying. It's my fault. I organized her schedule too tight.

On the other hand thanks of her coming, I reaffirmed that a lot of friends are around me. And everybody is different, of course nobody is likes me. It is an usual thing that each person has a each character.
Thanks of Jan, I thanked to my friends once again.
Well, Well, out side we ate Japanese food, and inside (it means at home) I tried to serve Japanese American?? food. And thanks of her, we could also taste something Japanese American food?? for the first time. Her staying was sometimes a good excuse for us.

This is the breakfast on a day.
Can you guess what kind of "cheese" I try to use.
Usual Japanese bins of milk, Japanese cornflakes.
And my original yogurt shake with bananas and green grass powder.
And , And, I baked rhubarb pie with sower cheese, baked potatoes with natural cheese. And as an appetizer Yuki bought natural cube cheeses with MOROMI (refined soy sauce)
I think for her the most characterized person among the people she met must have been my mother. She is like---- yes, actually she is my mother.
Jan can you hear me? when you are available, pleases describe the old Japanese woman.
Well, she might be the second person. The most characterized person might have been the "ground golf " champion woman who is 80 years old.
Anyway with being them, any language doesn't work well, they speak their own language --- it's a joke.
Anyway, of course visiting foreign countries as a tourist is fun, and visiting foreign countries as a member of family is also another fun.


Anonymous said...

Mieko is a good cook, an adventurous cook as well. But I think my visit was an "excuse" to try many new things! Zucchini squash, very common here, is fairly new and unknown in Japan. When we visited a farm, she was given a zucchini but the women didn't know how to prepare it. I told of one simple recipe, a frattata using eggs and cheese. And, the next morning we had it for breakfast!
The old women of Japan are the hidden treasures. Mieko's mother was nervous to have me as a guest..she had never met an American. But, we had a wonderful time together and now she says she wants to visit me. Since she is afraid of planes, I'm not sure how that will happen! Jan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jan. Can all my friends on this blog "hear" what Jan says? "Mieko is a good cook".
Well, actaully Zucchini is not so common as a vegetable using at home.
Well, and thanks Jan again giving a compliment of my mother. Someday "I" will also be one of the hidden treasures.