Sunday, July 01, 2012

Can you see "them"?

Can you see "them"? what are they???
Probably you see just white dots. They are fire flies. We went to see fire flies to a hot spring nearby last night.

When I came here about 30 years ago. We used to see fire flies around my house. Here it used to be a country side. Now it is a big city.

Near the bot spring there is a small stream. There are fire flies. Actually They grow fire flies to collect people to the hot spring. Last night while we were seeing (or looking for ) fire flies flying we could hear a lecture about fire flies.
In Japan mainly three kinds of fire flies live. GENJI-hotaru, HEIKE-hotaru, and KUMEGIMA-hotaru. (hotaru means fire flies.) Most of fireflies live on the ground, but ten kinds of fireflies live in the water when they were babies. And three kinds of them live in Japan.

In your area are you able to see fire flies?

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