Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How was your weekend?

Today it is the last day of July. How was your weekend?On Saturday, Some of my students came to take extra lessons in turn in the daytime, on the other hand Yuki went to practice golf, and play tennis. In the evening Yuki and I went to an electronics store, and finally "bought" an air conditioner for Yuki's room. Though you might not believe, "finally" an air conditioner will come to Yuki's room next week. Every room of our house will have an air conditioner from next week, but "unfortunately" we don't turn on all the air conditioners at once, because we don't have enough electrical capacity. If we turn on three air conditioners at once, our breaker trips.
At the night we had a heavy thunder and lightning and storm. So the power was out three times on and off.

On Sunday, Yuki went to play golf. I also went out with ERI-chan who is a lady living in the next door. We really enjoyed "Utsunomiya".

First we went to eat morning sweets. A cafe opened on the day specially as "July Morning Market".

Then we went to another cafe where a small march opened on the day.
Then we went to a bagel shop, and bought some bagels. These days I prefer bagels than usual buns.
Then we had lunch at a Korean restaurant.

And, we went to an art museum to an exhibition "Light and Dark". It was really interesting. Some works were difficult to understand, some arts were interesting, some arts were "Awesome". Seeing various types of works are really interesting.

 Then we went to another small march. This day here and there a small march was opening. I bought a bag for a song.

And yesterday it was a official holiday for Yuki. So he took me to play a golf. I play golf about twice a year with him. It was the first time to play golf at a golf course this year for me.
This is the golf course and our lunch there. It was a week day for usual people, so we could play at really reasonable price.


Helen said...

Mieko, I don't know what you mean when you say "march". Is it a temporary store?

I envy you your bagel shop! The grocery store usually sells out of bagels before I get to have any.

I like going to Art Museums too. I like to think about the artist's ideas.

It sounds like you had a good weekend! I did too :-)

Mieko said...

These days "march" is getting a really popular word here and there. Yes, it's a place where small temporary stores open at once. And these days in Utsunomiya bagels are also getting popular, so we have some specail bagel shops. Why don't you come to Utsunomiya, you just take SHINKANSEN, though it's expensive.
Thanks for your comments. How's the temperature in Yamagata?

Helen said...

Tsuruoka doesn't have the shinkansen! I'd have to take a train to Niigata or a bus to Yamagata city first.

I think it's hot here, but I'm not sure if it is as hot as where you are. Yesterday it was around 32. That's plenty hot for me!

I'd love to visit, maybe some day!

Mieko said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you. You can stay with us, though our house is a "rabbit" Japanese house.

Anonymous said...

This is Jan. I've never heard about "march" stores before. When you say "temporar" does that mean they are only open for a short time? Are they "overstock" stores...that is, a little bit or this and that they bought elsewhere? My, my you and your neighbor ATE your way around Utsunomiya! Sounds like lots of fun, but you miss the yoda (is that right...the Chinese pot stickers...my favorite!)

Mieko said...

"March" is open for a short time, for a day, or for a few days. Here in Utsumomiha, usually they don't have their own stores, and usualy they sell their handmade goods or homemade foods (cookies, butter cake, and so on.)
And, Jan, we call Chiese pot stickers "GYOZA".