Monday, July 09, 2012

Meg came!

Yesterday our younger daughter came back to UTSUNOMIYA, though she couldn't stay with us.
Since she started to work it was the first time to meet her, though we keep contact with her on the phone or through e-mail. She looked usual, not looked thinner, not looked fatter. She seemed to work hard and enjoy her work. Almost every day she makes lunch and take it to her office. According to her it's troublesome to go out, and she can saves money. (Did I tell you that her hobby is saving?)

She got the first salary recently, and we didn't meet each other on Mother's day, and on Father's day. So she gave me a watch, and treated us with stake.

Regularly it's a day-off on Sundays for her. But on Saturdays it's not a day-off. (on a weekday it's day-off.) So it's difficult to stay even a night with us for her. It can't be helped.

Well, well can you see the bread in the photo? The chef said "it's an old way, but we keep it. These bread absorb extra oil.)

The sauce was salt, soy-sauce with WASABI or onion sauce. Stake with salt was really delicious.
Thanks Meg. We're looking forward to seeing you sooner.


Helen said...

Did Meg take you to a Teppanyaki restaurant? I love those! They are so nice, but sometimes a bit expensive. I think you all deserve some nice steak though.

Good for her saving her money. I hope she spends a little sometimes or she won't have any fun!

It sounds like you had a lovely visit with her. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your coming, Helen. Yes, actually it's expensive. So Yuki and I are happy that we are treated, and she could get a good job to pay for it. Yes we had a really lovely day, and to tell the truth I feel lonely a little now because she has gone to Tokyo.