Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yuki came back from America. He bought many energy bars for my students to survive this humid and hot summer. Thanks Yuki, they are wonderful souvenirs. And our usual week has started.

Have you ever heard of "oxytocin"? It is a kind of hormone, and it is called a happy hormone.
These days it is clear that oxytocin is secreted when you do somethings for someone from other people's points of view.
Dr. KAMATA , who is also a famous writer, said "Now in Japan it is important to be moved by a little thing, and to do a little thing for someone to live vital."

I heard another interesting thing.  A principal of a nursery school said "these days kids are more childish than their age. BECAUSE they have less every-day experience. Even in the past working mothers were busy, and now working mothers are also busy. It is the same situation, but these days mothers want to enjoy themselves more. So whey they are free, they often play with their cell phones instead of talking with their kids. It means these days kids spend alone even with being with their mother."

Though it sounds easy, it is difficult to do a little something for others.

Well, well, finally I had the pretzel. Auntie Auntie's pretzel. In Utsunomiya unfortunately we don't have them. My neighbor went to TOKYO and bought them.  This is today's breakfast. It's cool. so I made hot pumpkin soup. ( I didn't peel the green skin, so it looks green.) Not having breakfast alone is fun.

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