Saturday, July 07, 2012


Today, it is TANABATA (a Japanese star festival). My students and I put (fake) bamboo with strips of paper in front of the entrance..

Usually people write their wish on the strips of paper, kindergarten students and early elementary school students did that. On the other hand junior high school, and high school students vocabulary test using the strips of paper while hoping to get a good score.

The other day I read an interesting advice column in the news paper. The consultor is in her 30's. She seemed to be worried about communication with friends. The answerer said "Usually among women, when a person is in trouble it is easy to become friends. But once the person goes well, the friends tend to be apart because of jealousy. People who are glad to other's happiness are true friends."
What do you think of it? Is it a Japanese thinking way? How about male people?
These days I often think about "level", economic level, education level, physical level, English level. I know each person has each own character. It sometimes difficult to accept other's opinion because of the difference of  the level. On the other hand when we are on the same level, we tend to compete and rise jealousy. How difficult to communicate with others!

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